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Fw: fair trade coffee

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From: Stephanie Goodwin <sgoodwin@chat.carleton.ca>
To: <opirg@carleton.ca>
Sent: Thursday, May 11, 2000 1:13 PM
Subject: fair trade coffee

> hey opirg.
> i'm hoping you can send this through your listserve.
> rooster's, the coffeehouse at carleton university, is now selling fair
> trade coffee in addition to its regular coffee service.  during the summer
> it will be brewed when it is ordered, which ensures freshness.  it is more
> expensive than roosters' unfairly traded coffee but at least provides an
> alternative.  it has also been intimated that if enough fair trade coffee
> is sold, roosters would consider switching over to just fair trade coffee.
> happy drinking.
> stephanie
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> Stephanie Goodwin
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