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Fw: graduation for seniors

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Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2000 3:22 PM
Subject: graduation for seniors

> please pass this along to any listserves or interested parties.  thanks.
> You are all cordially invited to show the Carleton University
> administration that you value the past and future contribution of seniors
> at our university on May 23rd.  The students' associations will be
> senior students with an honourary degree to make up for the degree seniors
> will no longer be able to afford.  The media will be attending this event
> so bring all the support you can muster.
> Before May 1st, 2000, senior students (60+ yrs of age) paid $5 for each
> course in which they enrolled at Carleton University.  The Board of
> Governors has implemented a tuition scheme so that beginning the 2001/02
> academic year senior students will be paying 80% of the full tuition fees
> (over 1000% increase).  The Carleton University Students' Association and
> Graduate Students' Association believe that this implementation needs to
> be reversed.
> The University has insisted that the issue is not finances but one of
> equity, where all students pay a uniform fee regardless of age.  However,
> equity is ensuring that there is equal access and opportunity for all
> students.  Seniors for the most part cannot access loans and if they do,
> their ability to repay is diminished since their employment and financial
> potential is not equal to that of younger students.  Therefore, seniors
> being in the lowest income group of citizens and unable to access or repay
> loans, the idea of seniors paying more than $3000 for tuition per year is
> ludicrous.
> sincerely,
> stephanie goodwin
> director of educational affairs
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> Stephanie Goodwin
> Carleton University
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