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Fw: Bike Week May 26, 5:15 - Parliament Hill

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Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2000 11:19 AM
Subject: Bike Week May 26, 5:15 - Parliament Hill

> Hello local Ottawa Members and Friends.
> We are writing to invite you and your friends to participate in Bike 
> Week, May 26th - June 4th. A mass bicycle ride will be held to kick 
> off the week. Please join us on Friday May 26, 2000 starting at 5:15 
> pm on Parliament Hill for this friendly community event.
> According to Health Canada air pollution, largely from cars and 
> trucks, is killing Canadians at the rate of 5000 per year. The 
> bicycle is a healthy environmentally sustainable alternate form of 
> transportation that can make a significant contribution to solving 
> our air pollution problems.
> For the past 11 years the City of Toronto has encouraged cycling as a 
> "non-motorized and smog free mode of transportation". Through Bike 
> Week, the Toronto Cycling Committee encourages the City's diverse 
> population to use environmentally friendly forms of transportation.
> New this year, the City of Toronto is holding an afternoon mass 
> bicycle ride.  By promoting safe cycling practices and encouraging 
> bicycle use as a cost-effective, environmentally friendly fun form of 
> recreation, the City of Toronto is setting an example for the rest of 
> Ontario to follow.
> Ottawa is renowned for it's scenic cycling paths and high number of 
> bike lanes on major roads. As the Nation's Capital Ottawa should be 
> taking a lead in the enthusiastic promotion of cycling as a valuable 
> form of sustainable transportation.
> We look forward to seeing you there!
> John Purkis Leslie Dickout
> Special Projects Coordinator Climate Change Coordinator
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> John Purkis
> Special Projects Coordinator/Organizational Analyst
> Sierra Club of Canada National Office
> 412-1 Nicholas St.
> Ottawa, Ontario
> Canada
> K1N 7B7
> voice: (613) 241-4611
> fax: (613) 241-2292
> email: sierra@web.net

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