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people needed...

Tomorrow afternoon the Board of Governors of Carleton University is meeting
at 4pm in Robertson Hall 6th floor.

At this meeting the Board will be reconsidering the decision to charge
seniors tuition.  Despite the phenomenal community support .... attending
tomorrow's meeting is VERY important to ensure Board members realize how
unacceptable their previous decision is.

I urge all those concerned with accessibility to education, community
service and everyone who has a grandmother/father to come!

Filling the room with students, seniors and community members will send a
strong message!  Saving access to education for those young and old is

For more info you can contact me at 520-2600 x1715.

In solidarity,


PS - We will have buttons, signs and I promise you there will be a rousing

Jess Turk-Browne
Graduate Student Association
Carleton University

phone: 520-2600 x1715
e-mail: jtbrowne@chat.carleton.ca
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