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wednesday may 31: radioactivists meeting

to:  UU Environment Wkg. Gp.


Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 19:51:25 -0400 (EDT)
From: ag270@freenet.carleton.ca (Mike Buckthought)
Subject: wednesday may 31: radioactivists meeting

Caution - Radioactive: Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Italy, Greece, Cyprus,
Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Armenia, Albania ... 

These are some of the places that could be devastated by radioactive
fallout, if an earthquake hits a nuclear plant proposed for Akkuyu Bay,
Turkey. The site is near the Ecemis fault, in one of the most seismically
active regions of the world. If an earthquake strikes a nuclear plant,
radioactive fallout could threaten the Middle East, southern Europe and
northern Africa. Thousands of people could develop cancer.

Do you want Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) to export nuclear
reactors to Turkey, with the help of $1.5 billion from Canadian taxpayers?
Or would you like to help stop another Chernobyl from happening? 
Join the Radioactivists, and support environment-friendly alternatives 
to nuclear energy.

Next meeting:
Wednesday, May 31, 4 pm
at OPIRG-Carleton, 326 Unicentre, Carleton University
(OC Transpo buses #7, #4)
The Radioactivists can be contacted at 520-2757 or <opirg@carleton.ca>
Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout, 789-3634, <cnp@web.net>, <http://www.cnp.ca/>
Nuclear Awareness Project, (905) 852-0571, <nucaware@web.net>
Diaspora, <http://www.diaspora-net.org/nuclear/>
"Exporting Devastation from Canada," <http://www.straightgoods.com>

No more Chernobyls!
Please write letters to MPs. Ask them to stop exports of CANDU reactors;
point out the dangers of building nuclear plants in earthquake-prone
countries such as Turkey; express your concerns about the risk of nuclear
proliferation created by exports of nuclear technology.

Write to: 
Prime Minister Chrétien; 
Foreign Affairs Minister Lloyd Axworthy;
Pierre Pettigrew, Minister of International Trade; 
Natural Resources Minister Ralph Goodale; 
Deborah Grey, Opposition Leader; 
Gilles Duceppe, Chef du Bloc Québécois;
Alexa McDonough, NDP Leader. 

No postage required.
Address: House of Commons, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A6.

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