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Protest clearcutting on First Nations territory

The Grassy Narrows, New Post and Wahgoshig First Nations 
are threatened by Abitibi corporation's clearcut logging practices.  
Twenty-two people are arriving today from Grassy Narrows reserve
for a land rights demonstration to occur on Parliament Hill.
They are demanding protection of sacred sites, traplines, 
and critical habitat of moose and other wildlife from logging.

WHAT:    Demonstration for Aboriginal rights
WHERE:   Parliament Hill
WHEN:    Wednesday 7 June 2000, 1pm
CONTACT: Dan Berman 
         Aboriginal Rights Coalition, 

Currently there is a blockade on at two aboriginal communities.
Wahgoshig First Nation has got one company out of the five in the area
to sign a shared management plan, but Abitibi is the biggest.  The
purpose of the demo is to remind the federal government of their 
fiduciary responsibilty to safeguard aboriginal rights.  Two of the
groups will be heading on to Montréal for further actions there.
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