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Fwd: radical reading group announcement


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DATE: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 23:14:38 
From: Adrienne Gibb <agibb@cyberus.ca>
To: tao-ott-read@tao.ca
Cc:jessieread@hotmail.com, blacksmith99@hotmail.com, <binouye@web.net>,tolgyesy@hotmail.com

It's that time of the millenium:

Once again, the radical reading group will be holding meetings. This group
started over a year ago with the intention of giving interested people a
chance to get together to discuss agreed upon essays, articles, etc. on
various subjects connected with liberatory politics. Topics we covered
include alternative education, third wave feminism, Marxism, anarchism (and
more!) all
of which with the purpose of examiing received assumptions, uncovering
biases, developing a critical vocabulary, all to find ways to take these
discussions as the basis for further investigation or as an inspiration to
engaging with that area of discussion. Our discussion of the home schooling
theme stands out as a great example of what a 'reading group' treatment can
lead to: further contact with homeschooling groups, etc. 

After a hiatus that reflects as much success as failure, members of the
radical reading group have decided that we should begin again to examine
collectively discourses on subjects that are current and pressing. We want
to address these topics (and any other the group chooses) in order to
develop a perspective for further forms of participation/action.

The radical reading group will encourage participants to propose readings on
topics and to lead discussions. More than in the past, the radical reading
group will stress connections between readings and actions that can be
undertaken. The input of the people involved will be the basis for any
further discussion and action. Basically, the group will be as active, and
as radical (and as fun and engaging) as we decide it will be. 

Come out and see what we're all about. Our first meeting will take place on
Sunday, June 11 at 7pm, at 24 Byron (in Hintonburg, over on the other side
of Preston St., crossing over the bridge on Somerset St.)

The Readings:  

1) Where Was the Color in Seattle?: Looking for reasons why the Great Battle
was so white by Elizabeth (Betita) Martinez
http://www.colorlines.com/ click on archives then Spring 2000 issue

2) Science and the Disadvantaged by Dr. Gregor Wolbring (KT will have this
available in her mailbox soon). 

We'll take this occasion to introduce ourselves, establish a schedule,
propose a set of readings and a format for approaching each topic. Bring
your ideas and your curiosity. If we don't say everything we want to about
these first readings at this meeting, we can carry the discussion forward to
the next one.

For more information, email loris at agibb@cyberus.ca or KT at

See you there.


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