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No Sherrie I don't think I will be passing this around to my contacts.

What kind of crap is this anyway. Who the @#$%^ is giving you  names and
contact information for the evicted people in Ottawa Carleton?

How dare you bare down on them for there personal information in there
vulnerable situation just for
giving them info that they can find in flyers in most community centres and
the like.

This is making my skin crawl.

If you want to help homeless people take them in your home or donate some
money to the shelters and help them don't invade what little privacy and
dignity they have left

Jane Scharf

>Please pass on to your contacts, thanks
>There are over 300 households in the Ottawa-Carleton region being served
>with eviction notices each month.  Around 165 of these households lose their
>housing without ever going to a hearing or contacting the community
>resources that can help them keep their housing. With Ottawa- Carleton
>having the lowest vacancy rate in the country it is important to support
>people to keep their housing.
>The Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation(CERA) is undertaking an
>innovative homelessness prevention project where tenants who have been
>served with an eviction application will be contacted and informed of their
>rights and the options to challenge the eviction. To dispute the notice of
>eviction tenants have only five days to respond in writing to the Tribunal.
>Tenants will also be referred to appropriate community agencies if they need
>a number of specific services.
>We will also be gathering information from tenants to get a clearer
>understanding of evictions in Ottawa-Carleton.  Research results will be
>used to help with prevention efforts in the future.
>Volunteers are needed to make some of these initial contacts with people
>facing eviction by phone on Thursday evenings. Volunteers play a crucial
>role in the success of the program.  Volunteers will be provided with
>training and resource materials, but should have the following
>  ~ Comfortable dealing with people who are experiencing stressful
> situations.
> ~ Able to commit to at least 12 "telephone shifts" over the course of
> the project(a year) and one training session.
>We particularly welcome people who have experience living on a low-income
>and people who have faced eviction or homelessness. Fluency in languages
>other than English would be an asset, particularly French.
>A training session will take place on the evening of Monday, June 26th.
>Please call Sherrie Tingley at 789-2228 for more information or to arrange
>for an interview. You can also respond by e-mail to mailto:stingley@web.net
>We also require volunteers at other times to assist with data entry,
>envelope stuffing and general office tasks.
>For more information about CERA visit:
>Sherrie Tingley
>Program Co-ordinator
>Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation
>604-1 Nicholas Street, Ottawa, ON
>Tel:613-789-2228  Fax: 613-241-4657
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