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sunday june 11: earth*tones drum/dance circle

earth*tones: the drum & dance circle
sunday june 11 * 7:30-10 pm
arts court, 2nd floor, studio b
daly & nicholas, ottawa
(east of the rideau centre)
wheelchair accessible

+ $2/$3 cover charge
+ all ages
+ bring a drum or other acoustic musical instrument and join the jam
+ benefit for the ontario public interest research group
+ for info: 567-7244 / 520-2757

what is earth*tones, and what's a drum circle?
today's music tends to come pre-packaged in metal and plastic
laser-etched containers produced by transnational corporations. 
drum circles are different - we collectively create our own music, 
and there isn't the alienation from music-maker that you find with today's
plastic-fantastic music industry. if you don't have a drum, no problem.
you can bring other acoustic instruments too (bring flutes, bring lutes!),
and we share instruments that are placed in the centre of the circle.
and if you're new to drumming, no problem - we'll help you learn.
join the jam, sunday night at arts court for some fun and funky rhythms.

mike buckthought, ottawa, canada <ag270@freenet.carleton.ca>
go car-free <http://ottawa.commuterchallenge.net/>
stop akkuyu <http://www.straightgoods.com/CJ/0046.asp>

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