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WHAT:     Youth Environmental Conference/Trade Show(FREE BOOTH SPACE)
WHERE:    Greenbank Middle School, Nepean
WHEN:     Beginning of October, 2000 (date to be determined when
                school timetables are confirmed)
My name is Amanda Kramer.  I am a recent graduate from Carleton University in an environmental related course.  I spent the last 6 months volunteering at Greenbank School in Nepean.  A recent application was approved by the Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton.  The school has received grant money from the regions environmental grant program (CEGP) to host an environmental youth conference and trade show for the 500 students, parents and staff of Greenbank.  (attendence is expected to exceed 800)
I am seeking volunteers to assist me with the running of the event, sponsor donations (several items are not covered by the grant money), brochures that can be distributed to students, AND environmentalists to participate in panel discussions, the trade show and roundtable discussions.  The event will cover a wide range of topics.  Each student will participate in one activity, one roundtable discussion and one panel/lecture.  There are also static displays that will be set up throughout the school hallways.  Items such as a rainbarrel, composter, etc. are needed for these displays (items to be loaned to the school).  I also wish to find local artists, poets, storytellers, musicians, etc that would be willing to display their work or perform for students. 
I am working extremely hard to ensure this event simulates a conference-like setting.  I feel such an event targeted at youth will provide a valuable learning experience for students.  It will also give students an opportunity to connect with local organizations.  Any local environmental group interested in attending the tradeshow PLEASE CONTACT ME AT THE ADDRESS BELOW.  SPACE IS FREE TO ALL PARTICIPANTS
If anyone is interested in volunteering, attending, participating or donating please contact me at akramer@chat.carleton.ca or kramer5@execulink.com
I will send you additional details.  I welcome all suggestions and comments.  Any help would be greatly appreciated .
Amanda Kramer
B.A. Directed Interdisciplinary Studies - Highest Honours