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Mon. Jun.12, 7:30 pm - Nanoose Bay Seizure!

Protest Nanoose Bay Seizure!

A meeting to learn about the Federal Government's Seizure of British
Columbia's Nanoose Bay   -  

     Monday June 12-2000
     7:30 pm

     Ottawa Citizen,  Conference Room
     1101 Baxter Road. 

Speaker: Dr. Marguerite Ritchie Q.C., President
of the Human Rights Institue of Canada. 

Those opposing the Federal action feel it to be an infringement on legal,
ethical, democratic, environmental and human rights.

They claim the Government has initiated this action to lease the sea bed
of the Strait of Georgia to the US Navy for weapons testing range.

For more info., phone (613) 232-2920; Fax (613)  232-3735.

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