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Jun.10 -15 - Cable TV - CPAC shows

June 10

     1 am to 2 am:     Democracy Abroad:   Dominica & Canada  (May 28 episode)

     8 pm to 9 pm:   Tools for Africa. (June 7 original)

     10 pm to 11 pm:    Nuclear Weapons in Canada (April 2000 episode)

June 11

      3pm to 5:15:     Cultural Diversity & Legislature   (Ottawa May 2000)

      5:15 to 18:00:     Role of MP's

     10pm to 11 pm:     De-listing issues in Health Care   (Ottawa June 05 2000 

June 12

     3 am to 7:17 am:     Business of Environment  (Globe 2000, Vancouver)

June 13

     2 am to 7 am:     Changing Democracy  (Winnipeg, April 2000)

     9 am:     Canada's Foreign Policy  (Encore Presentation of Roundtable, 
                                                  national live phone-in show)

June 14

     9pm to 10 pm:   What Does you MP do for you?  Roundtable national live 

June 15

     6pm to 7 pm:    TransCanada   --CPR Tuscans.

for more info:
Dominique Boily      <dboily@cpac.ca>

Communications Assistant
Adjointe aux communications

CPAC - Cable Public Affairs Channel
la Chaīne d'affaires publiques par cāble

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