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Tues.Jun.11 - Media Workshop for Grassroots Activists

Media Workshop for Grassroots Activists:

Aaron Freeman and Chris Lawson will facilitate a workshop on the ABCs of
using media effectively in grassroots campaigning.

Tuesday, 13 June
6:30 pm to 10:00 pm
Room 129, Simard Hall, Ottawa University

(N.B.: Brown-bag your supper if the time is tight for you; we will try to
have drinks and maybe snacks for a break.)

Programme (tentative):

     Quick go-round to say what "media" experience you have had
     Presentation on "what is news"
     Elements of successful media relations and tools (presentation): news
releases, event promotion, news conferences, cultivating media contacts,
letters to the editor.
      Small group discussions based on scenarios. What is the conclusion you
want(ed) people to draw, who is your audience, and what proof is required
to get them to reach that conclusion?
       Whole group discussion, conclusions.

     There is no registration fee for the workshop. We will be asking for
donations      to cover costs for photocopying, coffee, etc.

     Please contact Jamie Kneen at 236-9188 or <jkneen@magma.ca> for further

The Facilitators:

Chris Lawson has done media relations for the Canadian Federation of
Students - Ontario, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and has been a
reporter for the Toronto Star. He now works in new media for the Canadian
Union of Public Employees.

Aaron Freeman is a consultant, writer and advocate on corporate
accountability      and government ethics issues. His consultancy assists
non-profit      organisations with advocacy and communications issues. His
clients include      the Green Budget Coalition, the Alternative Federal
Budget, and the EDC      Working Group of the Halifax Initiative.

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