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june 14 medicare rally, civic hospital

Rally for public health care

Join health care workers in a cross-country Day of Warning to sound the
alarm about health care privatization.

We're going to let off sirens, blow whistles, sing, dance, shout, clap and
chant to save Medicare. Our health care system's not for sale!

Wednesday, June 14 at Noon

Civic Hospital main entrance (off Carling Ave.)

Speakers: Judy Darcy, National President, Canadian Union of Public
Employees, Debra McPherson, acting National President, Canadian Federation
of Nurses Unions, James Clancy, National President, National Union of
Public and General Employees and a representative of the Service Employees
International Union Canada.

Organized by CUPE 4000, OPSEU 464 and ONA 83.

Get involved. Contact: CUPE 4000 at 722-0652, or CUPE National
(Communications Branch) 237-1590.

Find out about the National Day of Warning to save Medicare at cupe.ca

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