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Wed. Jun.14, midday - Expose: Sell-Out of Canada-FTAA

From: "Armand Cote" <beauco@istar.ca>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 14:06:27 -0500

Pierre Pettigrew, Minister of Selling Out, will appear before the
Parliamentary Standing Committee for Foreign Affairs on International Trade
on Wednesday afternoon June 14th, to promote the FTAA (Free Trade Agreement
of the Americas). This goes beyond NAFTA (North American Free Trade
Agreement) and enlarges the scale of the race to the bottom.


Same day: Wednesday, June 14th.

(sponsored by the Council of Canadians, the Canadian Labour Congress and the
Canadian Union of Postal Workers, the Polaris Institute and the Sierra Club)

1. First a press conference with the Canadian Labour Congress, Toni Clarke
(Polaris Institute) and Elizabeth May (the Sierra Club) will provide a media

2. Then, you have the opportunity to appear on Parliament Hill to protest
and give the media a chance to add some photos to the story.

* Meet on Parliament Hill at 2:00pm. A large banner and handouts will be
available which will feature Pierre Pettigrew in his role as the real estate
agent for the sell off of Canada.

*A second group will meet the group above at 2:00pm.  This second  group
will be the 'Billonaire Club.'
     For those who are willing to  appear in a suit and tie and can get a
hold of a
     brief case, you too can join the 'Billionaires Club'  - 
              ** at the CUPW (Canadian Union of Postal Workers) office at 
                    377 Bank St. at 1:00pm.  

     Once there, you will be provided with pockets full of "money" and other
paper      to show that you are willing to buy from Canada's real-estate
agent, Pierre           Pettigrew.  Being duly equipped and documented, this
group will go by vans 
     to  Parliament Hill where they will ask passers-by for the whereabouts of 
     Pierre Pettigrew in order to buy a piece of Canada.

Give it a crack!

Your contact at CUPW is David Bleakney, 236-7230, extension: 795

Best regards
Armand Cote
Ottawa Chapter
The Council of Canadians

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