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talisman divestment

talisman divestment campaign meeting 
thursday, 15 June at 7 pm 
14 Perkins (close to Scott and Bronson)

Talisman Energy, a Calgary-based oil company, is the lead partner in a
government of Sudan oil project. Its investment helps to maintain the power
of the government of Sudan, which came to power by military coup in 1989 and
has maintained its repressive regime ever since by a combination of military
force and intelligence networks. With Talisman's help, it is continuing to
wage a brutal civil war in the South and the Nuba mountains. Talisman and
its western shareholders' profit comes at the expense of the lives and
rights of the peoples of Sudan. Although all credible sources (including a
Canadian government fact-finding mission) agree that there is almost no
chance for peace as long as oil continues flowing, the federal government,
after intensive lobbying on the part of Talisman's PR firm Hill and
Knowlton, announced in January that it would not apply sanctions which would
force Talisman to withdraw. 

Talisman Divestment Campaign is a working group of OPIRG-Carleton. In the
absence of meaningful action on the part of the federal government, we are
encouraging major shareholders (including the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan)
to sell their shares until Talisman withdraws from Sudan. Please join us.

more information:
tel 744 6270

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