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come to the hamilton war show with us!

homes not bombs ottawa will be travelling to hamilton this weekend to 
celebrate in a festival of life outside the hamilton international air (war) 
show.  the air show is an annual event in hamilton which exhibits airplanes 
and ground vehicles (only one of which is civilian).  because the show is 
losing money each year, it has been granted charitable status and receives 
$100,000 of taxpayers money to continue each year.
the festival of life will be set up on the long road entrance where people 
line up to go park.  while they're waiting they'll see drummers, dancers, 
singeres, huge puppets, jugglers, and other manifestations of joy rather than 
destruction.  we want to send a clear message that we need not celebrate 
technology that contributes to civilian deaths in order to enjoy a fathers' 
day weekend.

while this is a non-violent civil disobedience action, there will be an 
opportunity to participate and contribute in a capacity with which you feel 

vans from ottawa will be varied in departure times.  passangers can leave 
either friday friday afternoon or friday evening, and return either saturday 
evening or sunday.

we still have lots of room in the vans.  if you are interested in joining us, 
give me (karen) a call at 567-8647

karen emily
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