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OPIRG-Carleton's Summer Hours
Monday to Wednesday, 10am to 4pm

We are inviting all those interested in OPIRG to an office open house and
orientation. We will introduce our resouce centre, our working group
structure and a brief tour of the naturalization site on campus (please
dress for the weather).

The three dates for the open house will be:
Wednesday, June 14th, 4pm
Tuesday, June 20th, 4pm
Wednesday, June 28th, 4pm

If none of these dates work for you please contact Karen at the office
(520-2757) and we would be glad to arrange a special orientation time.

Several working groups are active and in need of volunteers this summer;
The Naturalization Working Group
The Radioactivists Working Group
The Forestry Working Group
The Dam-Reservoir Working Group
The Talisman Divestment Working Group
Re-Cycles Project

Everyone Welcome!!

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