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"Quirks & Quarks", Sat.Jun.17 - GMOs

CBC Radio One: GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS, Manna, Menace or Muddle? 
Sat June 17, 12:06-1pm, world-wide.   "Quirks & Quarks", 

Special full-edition broadcast of our Public Forum on the safety of 
genetically modified foods. Recorded before an audience, 
Canadian scientists & experts debate the benefits & risks of GM 
foods. We also hear from the audience, where supporters & 
opponents alike get to question the panel.  

(also shortwave, satellite & internet RealAudio) 

Related sites: 

http://www.greenpeacecanada.org (click on "campaigns", then 
"genetic engineering") 

http://www.consumerhealth.org (click on "articles", then do a keyword 
search on "genetic engineering". 
http://www.biodev.org/index2.htm  (click on "resources", "general 
biotech info")  


http://www.resistanceisfertile.com  http://www.panna.org

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