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Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2000 09:05:44 -0400
From: Anita Krajnc <akrajn@chass.utoronto.ca>


Toronto will make a decision next week on whether to make a deal to send
20 million tonnes of garbage (for starters) to the Adams Mine, in northern
Ontario. We need you to take a few minutes to express your opposition.
Here are three easy steps to take:

1) write a letter to Mayor Mel Lastman and Toronto councillors, send it by
email or fax (listed below);
2) call the Mayor (or your councillor, if you live in Toronto) and ask whether
they received your letter;
3) send this email message on to your email list - ask friends and family
to write.

Please give them this message:
=> putting garbage in the Adams Mine will pollute the groundwater
=> pollluting the water will cause environmental damage and put the City
     of Toronto at financial risk
=> you are opposed to Toronto shipping its garbage to northern Ontario
=> Toronto should be concentrating on waste diversion, reducing the need
     and expense of landfills

If you want to send your letter by fax, you can fax it to the office of
the City Clerk at 416 392 2983.
If you want to send your letter by email, the Mayor and Councillors email
addresses are listed below.

Please take action today! A special joint meeting of the Works and the
Finance Committees will be held on June 22 - make sure they hear from you

Email addresses:


On Thursday, June 22, the Works and Finance Committees of the City of
Toronto Council will meet to receive a report and recommendations from
city staff on what deal to make to dispose of their solid waste (a million
tonnes of garbage per year). Five companies have put in bids, two in
southwestern Ontario, two in Michigan, and one for the not-yet-engineered
(yet alone constructed) Adams Mine, an abandoned open pit iron ore mine
just south of Kirkland Lake, in northeastern Ontario.

Toronto is engaged in a search for solid waste disposal options, through
an initiative called the Toronto Waste Integrated Resource Management
(TIRM) project. TIRM includes a category for solid waste disposal, a
category for waste diversion, and a category for new and emerging
approaches for waste diversion. Remarkably - and regrettably - the Council
is preparing to make a decision on a contract for solid waste dispsosal in
the next few weeks, before having made decisions about waste diversion.
Putting this waste disposal cart before the waste diversion horse is
likely to result in lower targets being set for waste diversion, and
higher volumes of garbage going to a landfill. For more information about
the TIRM process, check the City of Toronto's web page at

For more information about the Adams Mine proposal (the environmental
impacts, the faulty approval, the high level of public opposition) send an
email to <nwatch@onlink.net> and we'll send you information by fax or

Northwatch        Acting Together Today - for Tomorrow!
Box 282   North Bay     tel 705 497 0373     fax 705 476 7060
P1B 8H2                              email   nwatch@onlink.net

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