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People- & Planet-Friendly Events, Job(s), Broadcasts (00/06/20)

Revised Tues. June 19, 2000
& SOCIAL JUSTICE EVENTS, workshops, courses, festivals, 
films, broadcasts, resources & jobs in Toronto, Ontario & beyond. 
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*** CONTENTS ***
(A) Events in Ontario & Canada (June 20 - July 4 & more...)
(B) Notices & Jobs
(C) About this Newsletter

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New/modified listings (since June 15) are indicated by 
an asterisk (*). In order by START date.  

(A) EVENTS IN ONTARIO (and cross-Canada)
* This week's events in Toronto, Etobicoke, North York, 
Scarborough, Kleinberg, Oak Ridges, Hamilton, Kitchener, 
Waterloo, Hockley Valley, Singhampton, Killaloe, Ottawa, 
Nepean, Carp, Lake Superior, cross-Ontario, cross-Canada 
**AND** national on-line & TV broadcasts.

SUSTAINABLE FOOD SYSTEMS! June to Aug 2000.  Canada's 
conventional food system will be challenged this summer! A group 
of students from Ontario are cycling across Canada to raise 
national awareness about the benefits of organic farming and the 
threats of genetically engineered organisms. An opportunity for 
organic farmers, processors, retailers, and individuals to promote 
organic farming, educate consumers, and improve Canada's 
sustainable food production system. SPOKE is working with 
Canadian Organic Growers Inc. (COG) and the organic network to 
support the agri-food industry's transition to organic farming & 
ecological agriculture; as well as the development of community 
gardens and sustainable land management projects at universities, 
colleges, public schools, and throughout Canadian communities. 
To demonstrate Canada's growing organic food market, SPOKE 
cyclists are eating only organic food donated from farmers and 
retailers throughout the trip. Supporters will be advertised at local 
media events across the country and be recorded in a SPOKE 
photo/video documentary. We are encouraging Canadians to 
demand sustainable agriculture in Canada and say goodbye to 
genetically engineered foods! 15 MAJOR EVENTS incl. Thunder 
Bay July 18, Manitoulin Island July 26, Toronto (see July 29 
listing), Peterborough July 30, Ottawa Aug 3. Details on web site. 
Closing cermony, Toronto, Fri Sept 15. Follow the ride on-line... 
join the cyclists as they ride into town! 
http://www.ecoexplorer.com  Contacts: Victoria: Sharon 250-479-
5849. Toronto: Pat 416-868-0732, Peterborough: Phung 705-750-
0166, Ottawa: Richard 613-722-3266. SPOKE cel: 416-892-1819 
(seeking volunteers & donations) spoke@ecoexplorer.com

June 20, 9pm (Eastern AND Pacific). A traditional First Nations 
fishery in B.C. is threatened by commercial over-fishing. "Justice 
or Just Us" series, June 19-23, 9pm. See also week of July 24 & 
July 31. http://www.visiontv.org/visiontv/Summer_Festival/fes_pf.htm

* TORONTO SMOG SUMMIT, Wed June 21, 9am-4:30pm, 
Toronto. Air pollution contributes to 1,000 premature deaths and 
5,500 hospitalizations in Toronto annually... and the problem is 
getting worse. In 1999, Toronto Council approved a 
comprehensive smog plan that is being implemented now. The 
City, however, needs help from the other levels of government, the 
private sector & the public at large.  Bringing together senior 
officials from municipal, provincial and federal governments, as 
well as leaders from business, unions & non-profit environment, 
health & community groups, scientists & environmental auditors. 
We expect each organization to identify at least one concrete 
action they will take. Concerned citizens also welcome. Goal: 
short-term concrete measures, and brainstorming possible 
intergovernmental & public-private initiatives to address the smog 
problem long-term. Morning: round-table discussion & 
presentations with government Ministers & Councillors, 
community advocates, science & health professionals, energy 
business leaders. Focus: education. Afternoon: community 
announcements of clean air strategies & actions, followed by 
government & business announcements & end-of-day conference 
statement. Focus: results. With federal Environment Minister 
David Anderson. Toronto Atmospheric Fund, the Mayor's office, 
Toronto Hydro Energy Services, and Enbridge Consumers Gas.  
Free. Lunch included. At Council Chambers, Metro Hall, 55 John 
St at King. To register, send your name, affiliation, e-mail, address, 
phone, fax & comments to: fax 416-392-0029 or 
abischof@city.toronto.on.ca   More info: Angela Bischoff 416-392-7204 x2.

Toronto. In celebration of National Aboriginal Solidarity Day. 
Alexandar Park (1 block north of Queen on Bathurst ); will 
proceed down Bathurst, along Adelaide to Bay St. Free. 416-736-
2100 ext.40383

RECLAIM THE STREETS, Wed June 21, 4pm, Toronto. Create 
your own fun! At Christie Pits (Bloor & Christie). (Meetings on 
Thursdays, 5pm, 69.5 Nassau). 416-971-9428

Toronto. People from different faiths, environmental & activist 
groups of all kinds, labour unions & political parties working on 
various anti-corporate issues such as: health care, education, 
labour, human rights, environment, democracy, sovereignty, 
indigenous rights, womens' issues, water, etc. Forming an anti-
corporate network in Toronto.  Also, organizing educational events 
& demonstrations against the OAS/FTAA summit in Quebec City 
(and the G20 meeting in Montreal). Metro Hall room 302, 55 John 
St (St Andrew subway). Sid Lacombe (Toronto WTO Action 
Coalition) 416-535-2335 ext 127  sid_lacombe@yahoo.com or 
Bob Olsen 416-967-0768 bobolsen@interlog.com

Toronto. With Paul Hellyer, leader of the Canadian ACTION Party 
& former deputy prime minister, as part of his cross-Canada tour. 
Issues of concern to Canadians, including privatization of 
Medicare, corporate globalization & threats to Canada's political & 
economic independence. Calling for the abrogation of the 
Canada/U.S. Free Trade Agreement and NAFTA (which can be 
done with just six months notice); strengthening of the Bank of 
Canada. Offering an approach to monetary reform that would make 
it possible to rebuild our social programmes & cut taxes.  8 pm 
sharp at Trinity-St. Paul's United Church, 427 Bloor West (near 
Spadina subway). More info: Stephen Burega 1-877-629-0841 

Vision TV: COMMON GROUNDS, Wed June 21, 9pm (Eastern 
AND Pacific). A look at the coffee business and how a Nova 
Scotia initiative helps Mexican farmers. [Get a copy and use it to 
foster discussion at an event! - ed] 

DEFENCE, Thurs June 22, 12:30-3pm, Toronto. A brown bag 
lunch to start planning our visits to M.P.s. If you can't make it, 
please visit, call, fax or e-mail your M.P. A backgrounder is 
available as well as phone & fax numbers of key people to contact. 
All Welcome! At University of Toronto, Croft Chapter House, 
University College, 15 King's College Circle, (south-west corner 
of the building)  More info: Lianne 416-978-3603 
sfp@physics.utoronto.ca  http://scienceforpeace.sa.utoronto.ca

Launch, Thurs June 22, 6:30-8pm, Toronto. "The emphasis in the 
secondary school classroom must shift from a technocratic, skills-
based approach, to teaching & discussion that focuses on real, 
substantive issues.   Discussion with Bob Davis, author, teacher, 
first chair of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Education 
Committee, co-founder of This Magazine is About Schools and 
Mudpie magazine. At Lillian H. Smith Library, 239 College St (on 
College, east of Spadina). Free. More info: Catalyst Centre 416-
516-9546  http://www.catalystcentre.ca  catalystcentre@web.net

SHOWCASE, Thurs June 22, 7:30-10pm, Waterloo. Impacts & 
Adaptation to Climate Change, Paul Egginton, Natural Resources 
Canada; Growth, Grandchildren & the Greenhouse Effect, Ralph 
Torrie, Smith Torrie Associates; Sondaky, a Canadian Native 
dance production. Showcase of materials related to Climate 
Change Communication. FREE. (part of the Climate Change 
Communication conference, June 22-24) At the Univ. of Waterloo, 
Modern Languages Theatre (look for signs). 
http://geognt.uwaterloo.ca/c3confer/  519-888-4567 x6865

24, Kitchener-Waterloo.  International conference advancing 
knowledge; communication strategy; collaboration; develop an 
international network.  For activists, business leaders, citizens, 
educators, ENGOs, media, policy makers, researchers.  Four Points 
Sheraton Hotel. http://geognt.uwaterloo.ca/c3confer/  519-888-4567 x6865

WOMEN TALK 2000, Thurs June 22, 7-9pm, Toronto.  Come & 
connect with extraordinary women!  Cuts to health services; 
Labour Relations Act changes; the changing economy -  and their 
impacts on women.  With Anubha Parray (Metro Morning, CBC 
Radio); Judy Rebick (author of Imagine Democracy); Rosana 
Pellizzari (popular speaker & educator in women's health, justice 
& international health issues); Ethel Lavalley (trade union activist). 
$25 incl. reception.  At Metro Hall, 55 John (at King).  More info: 
Working Women Community Centre 416-532-2824  

Vision TV: WOMEN OF CHANGE, Thurs June 22, 9pm (Eastern 
AND Pacific). Women working to ensure human rights in a world 
of expanded trade. http://www.visiontv.org/visiontv/Summer_Festival/fes_pf.htm

June 22 - Sun June 25, Toronto.  Insurgent Planning: Globalization 
& Local Democracy.  Sub-Themes: Environmental Politics, 
Privatization of Planning, Rights to the City, Communities of 
Resistance, Community Economic Development, Contested Open 
Spaces.  We invite you to propose a workshop or presentation on 
one or more of these themes; seeking volunteers & presenters.  
Planners Network: a voice for progressive professionals, activists, 
academics & students concerned with physical, social, economic & 
environmental planning in urban and rural areas.  Members have a 
wide range of interests such as environmental justice, community 
economic development, social planning, housing and globalization.  
http://www.plannersnetwork.org/pn2000.htm  pnetwork@yorku.ca   
Barbara Rahder 416-736-2100 ext 22612  rahder@yorku.ca

June 22, 6:30-8:30pm, Toronto. "Voice & Music: Pathways to the 
Soul". Connect to the healing power of your voice & the rhythm of 
Mother Earth. No musical experience necessary.  Drums & shakers 
available. With Brenda (Blackfoot) and Zainab (Cherokee). $25 
negot. ($90 series of 4). Zainab 416-368-0348 amadahy@sprint.ca  

Vision TV: THE HEART OF BUSINESS, Fri June 23, 9pm 
(Eastern AND Pacific). The struggles, successes & insights of six 
ethical entrepreneurs. [Get a copy and use it to foster discussion at 
an event! - ed] http://www.visiontv.org/visiontv/Summer_Festival/fes_pf.htm

JOURNEY TO PLANET EARTH, Fri June 23 & 30, 10-11pm, 
PBS TV (check local listings). A rebroadcast of the first three 
episodes of this award-winning series, designed to inform millions 
of viewers about the delicate relationship between people and the 
world they inhabit. The first prime-time television initiative to deal 
exclusively with important environmental issues. June 16: Rivers 
of Destiny. June 23: THE URBAN EXPLOSION: how to sustain 
the world's exploding urban population without destroying the 
delicate balance of our environment.  Mexico City, Istanbul, 
Shanghai & New York.  June 30: LAND OF PLENTY, LAND OF 
WANT: the fundamental problem facing today's farmers: how to 
feed the world's growing population without endangering the land.  
Zimbabwe, France, China & the US.

RIVER RENDEZVOUS, Fri-Sun June 23-25, Kitchener. Are you 
interested in the rivers of Ontario? Are you concerned with the 
management & restoration of this valuable resource? A weekend 
full of education, entertainment & insight into the rivers of 
Ontario. Trade show & displays. At Bingemans Park, Kitchener. 
All proceeds to conservation. $20-$130. 519-824-4120 ext 3173 
http://www.riverrendezvous.on.ca  river@riverrendezvous.on.ca

Sat June 23-24, Toronto. Fri 9am-6:30pm; dinner 6:30-9:15pm; Sat 
9am-6pm. $60/$40 (corp. $120). Urban Alliance on Race Relations 
& others. At Osgoode Hall, 130 Queen W at University. More 
info: Maria Wallis 416-703-6607 x30. http://www.wdysevents.com/uarr

SUSTAINABLE LIVING BUS, late June & July, Ontario. Seeking 
local co-sponsors for the Sustainable Living Bus, visiting schools, 
festivals, small communities & urban centres. A learning centre 
that champions appropriate technologies suitable for the Canadian 
environment. The technologies displayed are all proven in the field 
& available in Canada right now. "Technology" can mean anything 
from a toilet to a toaster. It's the stuff we make, buy & use every 
day for survival, comfort & recreation. Interactive, interconnected 
features & displays include water conservation, greywater 
filtration, small organic garden, food security displays, watershed 
management, sustainable outdoor recreation, sustainable shelter, 
sustainable work & office, transport & energy, recycled & eco-
friendly materials. Propane-powered with electricity renewed by 
solar panels & wind. Video: "Trees, Toilets & Transformation". 
leslie-d@comnet.ca (and gaiabus@islandnet.com?) 

ORGANIC FARMERS' MARKET, Saturdays, 8am-2pm (soon 
weekdays!), Toronto. Fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs, pasta, 
bread & treats from local, organic farmers.  Soon: all-organic 
farm store & cafe. New location: Queen St. Market, 238 Queen St. 
W. at John (indoors, will be outdoors soon). Across the road 
from City TV. More info: Sam 416-703-4975 
sam.hirst@utoronto.ca  [Another great location for organics is 
Karma Co-op, 7 days a week, near Bathurst subway, 416-534-1470 -ed]

BEEKEEPING WORKSHOP, Sat June 24, Kleinberg. Have you 
ever wanted to keep bees and produce your own honey? Join this 
workshop and learn the secrets of beekeeping at Kortright's 
Beespace. $30+$18 manual. At Kortright Centre, just north of 
Toronto. Register 905-832-2289.

(near Ottawa). International sustainability expert Jillian Hovey 
presents films & slides from projects around the world and will 
facilitate discussions. Sat. 9-4 & Sun 10-4, lunch provided. 4596 
Carp Rd. $50/day $75/both (negotiable).  Register: Seventh 
Generation Community Projects 613-839-3997.

GUIDED WALKING TOUR, Sun June 25, 10am-2pm. Go for a 
walk where it all begins! The Oak Ridges Moraine is southern 
Ontario's rain barrel, spanning 160 km from the Niagara 
Escarpment to the headwaters of the Trent River. 82% of the GTA 
watersheds have headwater areas on the Moraine. Debbe Crandall 
of the Save the Oak Ridges Moraine (STORM) Coalition leads this 
hike on the new Oak Ridges Trail, highlighting significant natural 
features & the developments which threaten them. Meet at York 
Mills subway station at 10am for car pool to the site. Free. 
Register: Toronto Bay Initiative 416-943-8080 x227

FUNDRAISER, Sun June 25, 1-3pm, Kitchener. Want a beautiful 
garden? Feeling guilty about using pesticides? Come see ten very 
different gardens - vegetables, flowers, shade, big, small, grass, no 
grass - the only thing they have in common is the gardeners care 
deeply about the environment and they don't use pesticides! Walk 
the tour yourself, or join a group tour at 1:30 or 2:30, led by local 
organic growers. $2.50 (children free). Start at the Queens Greens 
Community Garden (across from Joseph Schneider House on 
Queen St.) Proceeds to help cover costs of the Pesticide Action 
Group & 11 other groups who have been granted intervenor status 
in a Supreme Court of Canada case, challenging the city of Hudson 
Quebec, who passed a by-law banning the use of pesticides. More 
info: GROUP (Get Rid of Urban Pesticides) Theresa 519-744-2795 
theschum@web.net or  Susan 519-578-8508 Lgoerzen@golden.net  
[According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, 95% of 
pesticides used on lawns are considered probable or possible 
carcinogens - but the (mainstream) lawn companies will tell you 
it's safe. If it's not "proven", it can't hurt you, right? - ed]

* CHARM & CHALLENGE OF CHIAPAS, Sun June 25, 8pm, 
Nepean (near Ottawa). Slide show & talk by Isobel McGregor, 
recently returned from a 12-day Christian Peacemaker Team 
delegation to the beautiful but troubled cloud forest region of 
Chiapas, Mexico. Authentic, organic, fair trade Chiapas coffee will 
be served. Free will offering. At Bethany Baptist Church, lower 
assembly room, 382 Centrepointe Dr (cr. Baseline Rd). Info: 613-820-0598

WORKSHOPS, Sun June 25, 1pm: Post-harvest handling, packing 
& distributing of Certified Organic produce. RSVP Lorenz 
Eppinger, Switch Farm [near Hamilton] 905-854-0826. Thurs Aug 
10, 2pm: Crop Rotation trails for market gardening, using 
intercropping, living mulches & green manures  At Saugeen River 
CSA. RSVP Cory Eichman 519-369-3567.  Fri Sept 22, 10am-
4pm: Biodynamic Preparation making, potluck lunch, fall equinox, 
Michaelmas celebration. Community Farm [near Kitchener] RSVP 
Johann & Maggie Kleinsasser 519-684-6846.  To get on our list of 
farms who take apprentices & people looking for positions: Cory 
Eichman, 393887 Concession 2 R.R. I Durham, ON NOG 1RO 

* Ottawa Vegetarian Society Potluck and NFB documentary "THE 
6pm..., Ottawa. Please bring a vegetarian dish to share, ingredients 
card, plate, cup & utensils. The meal will be followed by a 
presentation by Food Action Ottawa and this fabulous video on the 
hazards of genetically engineered foods. $3. At the Sandy Hill 
Community Centre, 250 Somerset St. East (#16 bus).  Dinner set 
up starts at 6 pm. More info: 613-780-8266 http://www.flora.org/ovs

DINNER, Sun June 25, Singhampton.  First class organic cuisine 
by nationally renowned chef Michael Stadtlander.  At Eigensinn 
Farm, near Singhampton in beautiful Grey County. Entertainment 
by two jazz bands. Presentations. $100. Register 519-922-3128.

* POLE2POLE EXPEDITION, Mon June 26, 7:30-9:30pm, 
Toronto. Meet Canadian Martyn Williams & his international team 
of young people, who are tackling the 33,000 km trek through the 
Americas & across the polar ice caps by ski, bike, foot & boat., 
stopping in 60 cities to share their stories & raise awareness of 
environmental & humanitarian issues. Hear their incredible stories 
first hand, ask questions & be reminded of the power of human 
potential! At the Metro Central YMCA Auditorium, 20 Grosvenor 
(S of Wellesley, N of College, btwn Yonge & Bay). More info: 
Festive Earth Society  http://www.festiveearth.com  416-469-2977

26, 7-10pm, North York. Panel presentations (hear about civic 
participation in other places) & discussion groups on what we can 
do in Toronto. With Ann McAfee (director of CityPlan, 
Vancouver), Jim August (the participatory budget process in 
Winnipeg), Linda Stewart (Ottawa), Jamie Swift (author, Civil 
Society in Question). The fourth of a five-part series (the final 
event will be early in the fall). Chaired by Councillor David Miller. 
At North York Memborial Community Hall, North York City 
Centre, 5110 Yonge (North York Centre subway). More info 416-
338-0338  http://www.city.toronto.on.ca/civic_engagement/

Tues June 26-27, Ottawa. In April, the Federal Government 
introduced a major new environmental law making it illegal to 
destroy the habitat of endangered species. Landowners, farmers, 
developers, loggers and fishermen now face strict new rules, 
embarrassment & censure, intense scrutiny, charges, loss of 
substantial government compensation and CRIMINAL CHARGES. 
A two-day intensive conference on understanding this new law 
& preparing for implementation. At the Canadian Museum of Nature. 

TOWARD A HEALTHY FUTURE, Mon-Thurs June 26-29, 
Toronto.  Ontario Health Promotion Summer School: capacity 
building, technology, environment, futures, equity/access, best 
practices in health promotion, community stories, videoconference.  
$250-$395 http://www.utoronto.ca/chp/  Colleen Stanton or Linda 
Kremer 905-727-2169  416-491-7123  C.Stanton@aci.on.ca  

8pm, Etobicoke. With Paul Hellyer, leader of the Canadian 
ACTION Party & former deputy prime minister, as part of his 
cross-Canada tour. Issues of concern to Canadians, including 
privatization of Medicare, corporate globalization & threats to 
Canada's political & economic independence. Calling for the 
abrogation of the Canada/U.S. Free Trade Agreement and NAFTA 
(which can be done with just six months notice); strengthening of 
the Bank of Canada. Offering an approach to monetary reform that 
would make it possible to rebuild our social programmes & cut 
taxes. 8 pm sharp at Branch 210, Royal Canadian Legion, 3326 
Bloor St W. (near Islington subway; parking in subway lot). More 
info: Stephen Burega 1-877-629-0841 

STRAWBALE CARPENTRY, Tues June 27 - Fri June 30, 
Hockley Valley.  Hands-on construction focussing on the specifics 
of carpentry and foundation work that are unique to Strawbale 
structures. A must for those who wish to build a strawbale home 
but need more knowledge and skills in carpentry.  With Peter 
Mack and Chris Magwood.  At the Ecology Retreat Centre near 
Orangeville.  Russell 519-941-4560 ecorc@ionsys.com

7-9:05pm, Toronto. A group of concerned citizens is organizing a 
silent vigil in memory of the tragedy at Walkerton to be held at the 
Ontario Legislature. The idea for this vigil grew out of a sense of 
shock over the tragedy, and frustration at the government's refusal 
to accept responsibility. We feel we must let the government know 
enough is enough; that it is time to stop the so-called "Common 
Sense Revolution" before any one else dies as a result of their 
ideology, downloading, budget cuts, haste, and outright 
negligence. The goal is to persuade enough people to ring the 
perimeter of Queens Park - to stand in respectful silence for five 
minutes at each hour in memory of those who have died in 
Walkerton. The vigil will also acknowledge the homeless who 
have died on our streets, those who have perished in a hospital 
hallway, ambulance on redirect, or waiting for treatment and others 
in our province who suffer as a result of this government's policies. 
Everyone is encouraged to wear a simple black arm band..the idea 
is to have no speeches, no loudspeakers, no bullhorns, no union 
signs, no political banners, nothing to indicate that this is a group 
of people with a "special interest" but rather an assembly of 
concerned citizens from all walks of life in Ontario. We need 
approx 1000 people - please spread the word! We should not 
harbor any illusions that this vigil will change any minds in the 
government. Rather, the goal is to bear respectful witness to the 
tragedy that has occurred. Volunteers please email 
jeager@visionol.net with subject line "VOLUNTEER" or call Jim 
Eager at 416-652-3832.

A WALK TO REMEMBER, June 28 to late August, around Lake 
Superior.  A sacred, 1200 mile journey around Lake Superior to 
bring forth community visions to protect the air, land & water for 
the Seven Generations yet to come.  Lake Superior is the largest 
freshwater lake in the world. For many people, it is an important 
source of food, livelihood & drinking water.  It is now threatened 
due to contamination, global warming, and a growing global water 
crisis. "We need to bring all the people of Lake Superior together. 
We need to talk to each other about what is happening in our 
villages & our communities, to share our experiences, concerns & 
hopes. We need to meet our neighbors & learn from them."  
Enroute we will seek to meet & learn from all who know & 
understand the waters, beaches, forests, hills, routes, commerce, 
communities & spirit of the lake. Transcending borders & 
boundaries... it is also a spiritual journey, a pilgrimage, a healing 
journey.  We will share what we learn with each new person & 
community we visit. Almost-simultaneous internet updates will 
share the sights, sounds & ideas with the rest of the world.  It is 
hoped that from the walk, a set of common principles, 
commitments & standards can be realized to ensure that Lake 
Superior will be protected & nurtured for present & future 
generations. With Native & Non-Native people of Wisconsin, 
Minnesota, Ontario & Michigan.  Please join us on this once in a 
lifetime journey for the Seven Generations yet to come.  More info 
re participating / donating / helping out: Al Hunter/Sandra Indian 
(807) 482-1687 tbirdz2@netscape.net; Amoose (715) 682-8189 
Esther Nahgahnub (218) 879-3754 esthern@uslink.net; Frank 
Koehn (715) 774-3333 fkoehn@win.bright.net; Bob Olsgard 1-
888-281-1735 or (715) 635-8171 bolsgard@spacestar.net; Sandy 
Lyon (715) 766-2725 or water@spacestar.net;  "SuperiorHike_L" 
email listserve: http://www.uwsp.edu/it/exchange/listserv.asp

Thurs June 29, 6-9pm, Etobicoke. Help plant several hundred 
wildflowers to create a natural wet meadow for birds & butterflies. 
Observe the progress of the wildflowers planted the last two years. 
Bring a small shovel or a trowel, and gloves if you have them, and 
mud-resistant footwear. No prior experience required. Free. At 
Centennial Park, Elmhurst Road, north of Rathburn. Park in the 
north parking lot. More info: Barbara Clarke 
1bclarke@interlog.com or Trish Murphy 416-233-6507

* INTRO TO PERMACULTURE, Fri June 30 - Sun July 3, near 
Killaloe. Principles of sustainable systems design, herbs, 
medicinals, wild edibles, wildcrafting, organic gardening, & the 
herbal tea business.  Come & spend Canada Day long weekend on 
an organic homestead.  Delicious vegetarian meals, swimming, 
music & bonfires. Earth-based rituals. With Jillian Hovey & The 
Algonquin Tea Company. Killaloe area, near Golden Lake, 4 hours 
NE of Toronto, 1 hr. W of Ottawa.  $225-$250 (but don't let $ stop 
you from attending). Stephen or Kim 613-625-1106 or 1-800-292-
6671  herbteas@webhart.net  or Jillian Hovey 416-410-7581

30 - July 2, Hockley Valley. With Peter Mack & Chris Magwood 
(two of Canada's most experienced strawbale home builders). 
Learn to build your own innovative, superinsulated strawbale 
home. Hands-on building experience; visit a strawbale home; 
manual included. Ecology Retreat Centre 519-941-4560

July 14, 9am-5pm, Toronto. Environmental health is interlinked to 
human health, and with the well-being of all life on earth.  For 
community health workers, health professionals, educators, labour 
activists, environmentalists, community organizers, policy makers, 
economists, parents/ grandparents, youth.... all welcome. Readings, 
numerous guest lecturers & films, plenary & small group 
discussions.  $385 (some scholarships available).  At OISE, room 
12-200, 252 Bloor W (at St. George).  More info: 416-928-0880  
weed@web.net or 416-923-6641 x2595  pboin@oise.utoronto.ca  
[I just took this course and can highly recommend it. Learning 
about the links between env't & health (and what to do about it) is 
crucial for success in either field. - ed]

Thurs Aug 3 - Mon Aug 7 (holiday weekend), Ottawa. 
ALL WELCOME. $30/$40. Accom., billeting & camping 
available. At the University of Ottawa. RSVP asap. More 
info/register: http://www.green.ca   gpc@green.ca  
1-888-6GREEN6  phone/fax 416-929-2397

icontario@aol.com  http://www.web.ca/~ppf/donate.html  
"Bringing people together over ideas that matter".

* CAN'T FIND YOUR EVENT? We've been over capacity and 
are seeking donations, funding, resources & ways of dealing 
with this volume of great events & resources (without over-
whelming readers). Your suggestions are welcome: icontario@aol.com 


* RIDESHARE ADVOCATES (Ontario). Working to defend the 
right to inter-city ride-sharing/carpooling in Ontario. Allo-Stop has 
already been closed down, and now a complaint has been lodged 
against Eco-Ride. More info: Mona-Lynn 613-234-7656 or join the 
"saveallostop" e-mail list at www.egroups.com

protection campaigns. Wilderness conservation campaigns, ancient 
forest protection, Lands for Life follow up, park integrity, Oak 
Ridges Moraine.  Previous campaigning experience (volunteer or 
paid), excellent communication & networking skills, strong media 
& writing skills, confident & assertive attitude, familiarity & 
comfort with direct action. Full time. Deadline: Tues July 2. 
Resume to fax: 416-340-2429 or leaann@earthroots.org  More 
info: Lea Ann Mallett 416-599-0152 http://www.earthroots.org


The PPFE is e-mailed to thousands of  interested persons 
& organizations weekly (citizens, educators, activists, 
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