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radical reading this sunday evening

MEETING this sunday evening

Sunday, 7 pm JUNE 25th 
in sun: STRATHCONA PARK (in Sandy Hill) 
in rain: Mo's at 254 Wilbroad, #2  (in Sandy Hill off of King Edward) 

Topic: inclusivity in social movements
(was not discussed at last meeting as had been planned)

Readings can be picked up and photocopied (then returned to the box) from 85 FLORENCE #2 (between Kent and Lyon, 235-5612).  Take the readings in the blue box (in a white plastic bag) on the front step to one of the two photocopy shops that are on the corner.    

One of the readings is on line:  http://www.colorlines.com/ click on "archives" then "spring 2000" then Where Was the Color in Seattle?: Looking for reasons why the Great Battle was so white by Elizabeth (Betita) Martinez

feel free to come out and discuss even if you don't get to do all the readings. 


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