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FRESH 2000 - Volunteers needed - Free passes to concerts!! -

From: Sierra Club of Canada <sierra@web.ca> (by way of Katherine Gunn <kgunn@cyberus.ca>)
Subject: FRESH 2000 - Volunteers needed - Free passes to concerts!! -  


        JULY 14-16, 2000
            LEBRETON FLATS

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!  The Sierra Club of Canada will be participating in this
year's FRESH FESTIVAL  -  in the  Fresh Village, or Eco-Village.  

The FRESH FESTIVAL is a 3-day concert with performers such as Sloan,
Parliament, The Roots, Mathew Good Band, Tea Party and many
more.  As well, there will be an Electronica Tent featuring 20+ DJ's.

The Eco-Village will have tents, displays, information and interactive
events dealing with environmental issues.  The SCC will have its own tent.

The Festival  will  provide an eco-friendly, low-impact event.  Through the
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle philosophy, the organizers hope to recycle 90% of the
waste including composting.  Furthermore, the event is promoting sustainable
transportation -   Bike and bus maps to the event are available on-line.
Bike lock-up and rollerblade storage will be available!

The Festival: 
     Friday July 14: 5pm - 11pm, 
     Saturday July 15: 11am-11pm 
     Sunday July 16: 11am - 11pm.  

We would like volunteers to take 2-3 hour shifts, handling information
tables, or greeting people in the Sierra Club of Canada tent.  We also need
folks to help with set up (Friday late afternoon) and take-down (Sunday
eve).  In addition, if anyone can be an "Eco-hostess/host" , we are looking
for volunteers who have good working knowledge about environmental issues,
who can direct people as they enter the Eco-village.

If you would like to be a volunteer with the Sierra Club, please send your
name and full contact information and your availability to:
      Leslie Dickout or
     John Purkis -   241-4611 or
               email: leslie-d@comnet.ca

If you are interested in doing other volunteer work at the Festival, please
visit their website and register on-line at: www.thefreshfestival.com

There will be a final volunteer meeting
           Thursday July 13, 2000 at 6:00pm
on-site at Labretton Flats.  All volunteers must attend, to cover questions
& answers, as well as a walk-through of the site (it is quite large).  At
this time, the SCC will distribute passes for your free entry for the entire
weekend.  These passes must be returned to us on Sunday night.

For more information on the event (list of performers, site map, sustainable
transportation options, etc) please visit the Fresh Festival website 
          http:// www.thefreshfestival.com

John Purkis
Special Projects Coordinator/Organizational Analyst
Sierra Club of Canada National Office
412-1 Nicholas St.
Ottawa, Ontario    Canada  K1N 7B7
voice: (613) 241-4611     fax: (613) 241-2292     email: sierra@web.net

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