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Sat. Jul.8 - Nicole Bruinsma Benefit - AntiPesticide event

                Benefit for The Bruinsma-Findlay Family

Nicole and Scott have been tireless with their efforts and leadership 
to make our community a better place to live. Few of us know it, but 
they have also given immensely to other groups as well. Many of you 
have come to know Nicole as a champion of the pesticide issue.

Nicole and Scott are now in Europe where Nicole is undergoing cancer treatment.

Anneke, Suraya and Aiden as well as her mother are also there to 
support her in this difficult time. As you can imagine, this therapy 
and the associated costs are not covered by any government plan or 

It is time for us to show them our support.

You are invited you to a:

Benefit Dance, Party and Silent Auction - 
          Saturday July 8th at 8:00 P.M. 
          Camp Fortune Main Lodge.

Music by Ian Tamblyn , the Fabulous "B" Sides and other musicians. 
Incidentally, if you can carry a tune or have have decent chops, 
bring your gear - everyone is welcome!!

Donations to "The Nicole Fund" will be received at the door and there 
will be a cash bar, BBQ and various other surprises!

Drop what your are doing and pass the word - in person, by phone, by 
e-mail. If each person contacts 5 others (or more) we can pack the 

This is intended to be an event that will show what this community is 
all about.

Please plan to participate!!

For more info contact:

David Maitland <overhill@magma.ca>

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