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Planet-Friendly Events & Env. Resource Directory (00/07/06)

Revised Thursday July 6, 2000
& SOCIAL JUSTICE EVENTS, workshops, courses, festivals, 
films, broadcasts, resources & jobs in Ontario & beyond. 
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(C) The Ontario Environment Network
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New/modified listings (since July 1) are indicated by 
an asterisk (*). In order by START date.  

* Events in Toronto, Bolton, Guelph, St. George, 
Lindsay, Peterborough, Algonquin, Bancroft, 
Ottawa, Winnipeg, Michigan, and national radio broadcasts

CBC Radio: THE CULTURE OF WAR, Fri July 7, 9:05pm, 
world-wide. There's war as the civilian hears about it and war as 
the soldier experiences it first-hand. Writer and combat veteran 
Paul Fussell explores the difference. On "Ideas", CBC Radio One, 
across Canada (FM 99.1 in Toronto; also shortwave, satellite & 
internet RealAudio) http://www.radio.cbc.ca/programs/ideas/  
"Ideas" airs Mondays-Fridays 9:05pm Eastern time.

* SUSTAINABLE LIVING BUS comes to Toronto, Fri-Sat July 
7-9. A learning centre that champions appropriate technologies 
suitable for the Canadian environment. All technologies proven in 
the field & available in Canada right now. "Technology" can mean 
anything from a toilet to a toaster. It's the stuff we make, buy & 
use every day for survival, comfort & recreation. Interactive, 
interconnected features & displays include water conservation, 
greywater filtration, small organic garden, food security displays, 
watershed management, sustainable outdoor recreation, sustainable 
shelter, sustainable work & office, transport & energy, recycled & 
eco-friendly materials, solar panels, wind turbine. Video: "Trees, 
Toilets & Transformation". July 7-8 at the Toronto Science Centre 
(Don Mills south of Eglinton 416-696-3127) 
and July 9 another Toronto location t.b.a. 
http://www.bulkley.net/~vwave/gaiaweb/gaia/bus.html  leslie-
d@comnet.ca and gaiabus@islandnet.com

ORGANIC FARMERS MARKET, Saturdays, 8am-2pm (and 
weekdays!), Toronto. Fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs, pasta, 
bread & treats from local, organic farmers.  WEEKDAYS: all 
organic farm store & cafe. Now at Queen St. Market, 238 
Queen St. W. at John. Across the road from City TV. More info: 
Sam 416-703-4975 sam.hirst@utoronto.ca  [Another great location 
for organics is Karma Co-op, 7 days a week, near Bathurst subway, 
416-534-1470 -ed]

Saturdays July 8-29, 11am-noon, Toronto. Inviting you & your 
children (ages 4-8) to embrace the spirit of outdoor recreation; 
discover rainforest secrets; uncover the mysteries of the Earth. 
Reading stories, exploring, eating yummy food & having lots of 
fun. July 8 "A Tree in a Forest", adventure drawing; July 15 "The 
World Around Us", nature craft; July 22 "The Lorax" [Dr. Seuss' 
environmental classic] & "Rainforest Secrets", compass scavenger 
hunt; July 29 "The Raft" & "The Man Who Made Parks", design a 
park. 400 King St. W (1 block east of Spadina, upstairs in 
Children's section)  http://www.mec.ca  416-340-2667

PERMACULTURE WORKSHOPS, every weekend this summer, 
near Bancroft. Become enthralled in the practices of self-
sufficiency. Empower yourself with tricks on affordable 
sustainable designs that are possible with two hands & creativity. 
Each workshop includes tour of solar earth home & owl prowl 
nature walks. July 16: Greywater Recycling (learn how to use 
"greywater" from showers & washing machines to nurture your 
indoor & outdoor plants). $35. On-site camping available. At The 
Potter's Turtle School, 22227, HWY 62, Gilmour, between 
Bancroft & Madoc. Gabriella at 613-474-0435 or 
gaboca@hotmail.com. More info & directions 

GARDENING WORKSHOPS, Saturdays July 8, Aug 12, Sept, 
Oct.  Eglinton park heritage community garden.  Helen 416-781-7663

TORONTO BAY BOAT TOUR, Sun July 9, 12:30-1:45pm, 
Toronto. Toronto Bay Initiative's annual pay-what-you-can boat 
tour of Toronto Bay highlighting significant natural, cultural & 
historical features. Sponsored by Mariposa Cruise Line. RSVP - 
space is limited. Suggested donation $10. Meet at the Oriole at the 
rear of Queen's Quay Terminal, 207 Queen's Quay West (at the 
foot of York Street). Free. Register: Toronto Bay Initiative 416-943-8080 x227

10am-4pm, Cameron. OPEN HOUSE. Guided tours, displays. An 
on-going, family-sized experiment in sustainable living; powered 
by the sun & wind; produces most of its year-round organic food 
supply; strawbale & cob structures; rare-breed cattle; rainwater, 
snowmelt & water conservation systems; 50 acres of woods; 
gardens & fields; Ecovillage Training Centre; extended stays by 
arrangement; apprenticeship program. Visitors days: 3rd Sunday of 
each month (March-Nov except July). Suggested donation $5 per 
vehicle. WORKSHOPS: Cob Construction (call for dates); 
Connecting with the Natural World (Sat Aug 12, $35 incl. lunch); 
Discovering your True Self (July 28-29, Aug 26-27, $50 incl 
activities, materials, meals, camping). Near Cameron & Lindsay, 
about 2hrs NE of Toronto (daily bus from Toronto). Preregister: 
Milton & Barbara Wallace sunrun@lindsaycomp.on.ca 705-887-
1553 http://www.lindsaynet.com/sunrun/  

COMMUNITY GARDEN TOUR, Sun July 9, 12:45-4pm, 
Toronto. Tour Toronto's community gardens, including Alex 
Wilson, the Big Back Yard, Davenport-Perth, High Park Children's 
Garden. Pay what you can. Meet the bus at the south side of 
Nathan Phillips' Square (Toronto City Hall), 100 Queen W. at 
12:45 sharp! To register, call Seema Patel at 416-922-7626 asap! 
Toronto Community Garden Network 

Sun July 9, 1-5pm, Toronto. Learn how community gardening 
links with over 10,000 children, First Nation's history, and High 
Park ecology through storytelling, music, activities, and games. 
Feast your senses on foods from around the world. All ages 
welcome. Free. High Park Children's Garden, South end of 
Colborne Lodge Drive. More info/register: Jane Hayes 
kidsgrow@city.toronto.on.ca 416-392-1560, ext. 85695 

Toronto. Discuss strategies for the November city elections. Free. 
Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen W. 416-977-8736.

ECO-CAMP, Mon-Fri July 10-14, Toronto. A fun-filled week for 
8-12 year olds, hiking through Toronto's ravines & learning how to 
garden organically. 9-4pm (call for details). Drop-off/pickup at 
High Park & Bloor. $125. 416-392-1329  
kidsgrow@city.toronto.on.ca explorto@city.toronto.on.ca  

Toronto. Top international speakers; participants from around  the 
world; exhibits; information; food! Health issues; food planning  & 
preparation; ethics & compassion; activism; being vegetarian; 
spirituality; global issues; health professional seminars; economics 
of  diet; meat industry advertising; youth movement. Seven-day 
flavour adventure culminating with a succulent banquet at the 1000 
seat  Grande Ballroom. Exhibits are FREE (full admission $35/day 
$25/evening). Colony Hotel, 89 Chestnut (SE of Dundas & Univ.; 
St Patrick subway).  Accomodation available; childcare; 
wheelchair accessible; language assistance. International 
Vegetarian Union and the Toronto Vegetarian Association  
http://www.veg.on.ca/  wvc2000@veg.on.ca  416-544- 8891

Tues July 11, 7:30pm, Toronto. With the Committee on Monetary 
& Economic Reform. Free. At OISE, 252 Bloor W (St George 
subway). 416-340-1865

July 12, 7pm, Toronto. GENEaction's monthly meetings feature 
talks/presentations/workshops on various aspects of Genetic 
Engineering (GE) / Genetically-Modified Organisms (GMO's). 
We are a diverse group of citizens who wish to inform & inspire 
ourselves & others to act on the issue of GE food. Find 
out how GE affects you & what we can all do about it. All 
welcome. Free. Second Wednesday of each month. Room 212, 
348 Danforth (upstairs at Carrot Commons, near Chester subway). 
More info: geneaction@graffiti.net 416-406-2481 
New website: http://ecoexplorer.com/GENEaction.htm

12, 6:30pm, Toronto. A walk & talk exploring the insects crawling 
& flying around your garden. Free. Seaton Walk Parkette, Albany 
N of Bloor. 416-596-1495 x27 

* QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "Put down your wasp bombs & poison 
powders to reflect a moment: one out of every three bites of food 
we take depends on pollination, and that's a bug's job. They also 
recycle animal & human waste, till the soil, distribute nutrients, 
and act as food for fish & birds. What more can we ask? So lay off 
the wasps, bees, earthworms, ladybugs & aphids. Give them a 
hand, not a swat!" - from Toronto Environmental Handbook 1999, 
available at Metro Hall & City Hall & 416-360-0044

* COHOUSING SUMMER SALONS, Wed July 12 & Aug 9, 5-
7pm, Toronto. An informal opportunity to chat about cohousing 
over a cup of tea and get the latest news on what cohousing groups 
are up to. Meet other people interested in cohousing and start 
something!. Free (except for food & beverages) At Schilling's 
Cafe, 135 Danforth Ave. More info: Dorothy Mazeau 
dmazeau@look.com 416-738-0850, Jeff Gold 
jgold@netrover.com, Kate Chung dbuck@yorku.ca [related 
websites: http://cohousing.ca  http://www.cohousing.org  
http://www.wholevillage.org  http://www.cfe.cornell.edu/ecovillage/ - ed]

Wed July 12, 7pm, Toronto. People from different faiths, 
environmental & activist groups of all kinds, labour unions & 
political parties working on various anti-corporate issues such as: 
health care, education, labour, human rights, environment, 
democracy, sovereignty, indigenous rights, womens' issues, water, 
etc. Also, organizing the upcoming teach-ins, educational events & 
demonstrations against the OAS/FTAA summit in Quebec City 
(also the G20 meeting in Montreal). Metro Hall, room 304, 55 
John St. at King.. Sid Lacombe 416-535-2335 ext 127  
sid_lacombe@yahoo.com or bobolsen@interlog.com

* GENETIC MODIFICATION, Thurs July 13, 7:30-10pm, 
Peterborough. The issues & controversies surrounding the genetic 
modification of food. A public information meeting; part of an 
ongoing series; developing a locally relevant network. By 
donation. At St. Paul's Presbyterian Christian Education Centre, 
Corner of Water & Murray St. beside Victoria Park. More info: 
Brenda Sedgwick bjsgwick@nexicom.net 705-876-1349 or Peggy 
Immel 705-939-2288 dpimmel@sympatico.ca (Kawartha Forum 
on Genetically Modified Foods)

* CBC Radio: THE WTO DEBATE, Thurs July 13, 9:05pm, 
world-wide.  A new round of talks under the auspices of the World 
Trade Organization is underway to further liberalize international 
trade. In a debate at the University of Toronto, Sylvia Ostry, 
Stephen Clarkson, Christine Elwell and John Kirton ask: Does the 
WTO serve Canada's interests? On "Ideas", CBC Radio One, 
across Canada (FM 99.1 in Toronto; also shortwave, satellite & 
internet RealAudio) http://www.radio.cbc.ca/programs/ideas/  
"Ideas" airs Mondays-Fridays 9:05pm Eastern time.

* HEALTHY HUMOUR, Fri July 14, 10:30pm, Toronto. A live 
comedy show featuring all vegetarian performers in a non-smoking 
environment, for a good, healthy laugh. With Veronica Munoz, 
vegan, poet, teacher, activist, author of "Traveling the Veil of 
Illusion" and "Tales of a Dream Before it Happened" (from 
Argentina); Robert Cohen, screenwriter, televison comedy show 
producer, comedian, scientist, hungerstriker, and author of "Milk-
the Deadly Poison" (from New Jersey); Chester Drawers from 
Tennessee;  Nick the BEETnik, BEET poet; and the 
improvisational comedy troupe, "Herbivores in Action". $10. At 
the Toronto Colony Hotel, during the World Vegetarian Congress 
(see July 10 listing). Reservations: 416-977-0707.

* SUSTAINABLE LIVING BUS, Fri-Sat July 14-15, Guelph. 
Please see July 7 listing for details. Precise location t.b.a. 
http://www.bulkley.net/~vwave/gaiaweb/gaia/bus.html  leslie-
d@comnet.ca and gaiabus@islandnet.com

* (Ottawa) FRESH FESTIVAL, Fri-Sun July 14-16, Lebetron 
Flats. A 3-day concert with performers such as Sloan, Parliament, 
The Roots, Mathew Good Band, Tea Party & 20+ DJ's. The "Eco-
Village" will have tents, displays, information and interactive 
events dealing with environmental issues. An eco-friendly, low-
impact event; aiming to recycle 90% of the waste including 
composting; promoting sustainable transportation - bike & bus 
maps available on-line; bike lock-up & rollerblade storage 
available. Seeking volunteers for the Sierra Club tent: Leslie 
Dickout or John Purkis 613-241-4611 leslie-d@comnet.ca   Other 
volunteers register at: http://www.thefreshfestival.com  More info: 
http:// www.thefreshfestival.com

Sun July 15-16, Gilmour. Hands on, two-day permaculture 
workshops at the Turtle Earth Home, on Hwy 62 near Bancroft. 
Learn how to use "greywater" from showers & washing machines 
to nurture your (indoor & outdoor) plants. Includes a grand tour of 
a solar-powered earth home. On-site camping available. Will be 
repeated on request. $35. RSVP Gabriella Mihalik 
gaboca@hotmail.com 905-893-0495 
http://www.suspace.org/turtle/turtle_home-t.html Pat Potter: 613-474-0435

* OTTAWA FREESCHOOL (2nd annual), Sat-Sun July 15-16, 
Ottawa. Two days of free workshops open to everyone; exchange 
skills & knowledge while at the same time building community 
and having fun. Saturday: 10am Street Theatre/arts; 11am Sign 
Language & Deaf Culture; noon Oppression Workshop; 1pm 
Lunch; 2pm Zine Workshop; 3pm Lock Picking & Vegan 
Cooking; 4pm Pussy Protectors - make your own pads & more; 
5pm Bike Repair (bring your bike if you want).  Sunday: 10am 
Acrobatics; 11am Urban-Subversive Gardening; noon Squatting; 
1pm Lunch; 2pm Street theatre/arts; 3pm Silk Screening; 4pm 
Know Your Rights! /Civil Disobedience; 6pm Critical Mass Ride. 
At the Jack Purcell Community Centre, 320 Elgin St. Lunch 
provided by Food Not Bombs Ottawa. [no contact info provided; 
received from adamhodgins@hotmail.com - ed]

* AGRI-FOOD 2000, Sat-Wed Jul 15 - 19, Winnipeg. 
http://www.agrifood2000.mb.ca  204-261-6139  

SPIRITUALITY, Sun July 16, 2pm, Toronto. Public lecture with 
Brian Swimme, mathematical cosmologist & director of the Centre 
for the Story of the Universe, at the California Institute of Integral 
Studies in San Francisco. Video series, "The Earth's Imagination," 
"The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos: Humanity & the New 
Story," and "Canticle to the Cosmos." Author of "The Universe 
Story: From Primordial Flaring Forth to the Ecozoic Era" (with 
Thomas Berry), "The Universe is a Green Dragon" and "The 
Hidden Heart of the Cosmos". At the Canadian College of 
Naturopathic Medicine, 1255 Sheppard Ave. East. (southwest 
corner of at Leslie). Map: http://www.ccnm.edu  $20/$12.  
Register: 416-512-7874 annelon@pop.web.net  This Annual 
Summer Lecture will follow a weekend workshop with Brian 
Swimme. More info: Elliott Allen Centre for Ecology & 
Spirituality http://www.web.net/~eaite

16, 11am-4pm, Toronto. Walking along streets, into backyards, 
through parks, dipping into back lanes, and finally reaching Lake 
Ontario, we will explore the historic courseway of Taddle Creek, 
buried for over 100 years. We will meet community people along 
the way and they will describe what they are doing along their part 
of Taddle Creek. Explore what Taddle Creek meant to people 100 
years ago and what it means today. Free. Meet at the S.E. corner of 
Wychwood Ave. & St.Clair West . More info: Eduard 
Sousa,Taddle Creek Watershed Initiative 
esousa@city.toronto.on.ca 416.392.1560 ext. 835720 

(course), Aug 1-31 (Tu's & Th's), 7-10pm, Toronto. Fresh analysis 
of our present news media system; hopeful visions & strategies for 
a more democratic & informative news media & society; global 
context; positive & negative impacts of new communications 
technologies; case studies (both good & bad); policy/citizen action 
options; media/action project. With Paul Boin, former editor of 
Ecolutions, and News Director of the Real News Network (RNN). 
$185 (scholarships available) At OISE/UT, Room 7-216, 252 
Bloor W (between St George & Bedford). More info/register: 416-
923-6641 x2595 tlcentre@oise.utoronto.ca  pboin@oise.utoronto.ca

Thurs Aug 3 - Mon Aug 7 (holiday weekend), Ottawa. Policy, 
proposals & resolutions, elections, 2001 federal election platform, 
speakers, workshops, group work, socials, entertainment, share 
successes & renew friendships. Thursday evening: arrivals (4pm...) 
& informal reception (7-10pm), Marchand Residence, 110 
University Private. Friday: registration (8:30am, room 351, 
Fauteux Hall, 57 Louis Pasteur Private), opening plenary (9am), 
strategy & organizational dev't workshops, group work, openings 
& social. Saturday & Sunday: Council elections, policy, 
resolutions & platform processes, election preparation, plenaries, 
socials. Monday AM: Platform plenary, wind-up. Monday PM: 
departures, new Council meets. Display tables for issues & 
promotional materials from your local GP campaigns (first come 
first served). Bring your brochures, banners, stickers, buttons, 
photos, etc., to inspire others! Can you lead a panel or workshop 
on a current issue or skill? ALL WELCOME (only members can 
vote). Membership: $5. Conference: $30/$40. Accommodations, 
billeting & camping available. At the University of Ottawa. RSVP 
asap. More info/register: http://www.green.ca   gpc@green.ca  1-
888-6GREEN6  phone/fax 416-929-2397

NATURAL LIFE FESTIVAL, Sat Aug 5 - Mon Aug 7 (Civic 
Holiday weekend), 10am - 5pm, St. George. Third annual 
celebration of sustainable living: Green Marketplace; workshops 
on renewable energy, organic gardening, natural healing and more; 
natural and organic foods.  Community Centre, St. George, Ontario 
(west of Hamilton, east of London, south of Cambridge). $2 (kids 
free). Natural Life - Canada's Alternative Newsmagazine 1-800-
215-9574 or 519-448-4001 http://www.life.ca/festival

28, SW Michigan. Clean energy NOW! Activist & organizer skills 
building, energy issues training, networking, nonviolent public 
demonstrations to protect the Great Lakes & work toward a 
sustainable energy future. Aug 20-26 at Van Buren Youth Camp, 
near Kalamazoo, near the Cook & Palisades reactors, Michigan. 
$15 donation, plus daily food ($7/day, organic, vegetarian). Sign 
up at http://www.nirs.org/actions.htm or call toll-free 1-877-3NF-

SOCIAL JUSTICE RETREAT 2000, Thurs-Sun Aug 24-27, 
Algonquin Park. Inviting people from across Ontario to come 
together to develop an alternative vision for change. Stimulating 
discussion, relaxation & skills development in a beautiful setting. 
Creative workshops. Help envision a new world. "Radical in the 
21st Century" - a radical agenda; radical movements; radical living; 
becoming radical.  $175/adult all inclusive ($150 before July 31) 
$75 (5-12) $free (4&under) Subsidies available for low income 
indivs & families (organizations are asked to contribute to the 
subsidy pool). At Camp Arowhon, Algonquin Park. Anna 
Dashtgard, Centre for Social Justice 416-927-0777 x227 

ORGANIC FEAST OF FIELDS, Sun Sept 10, 2-6pm, Albion 
Hills/Bolton. What originally began in 1989 as a modest walkabout 
featuring urban cuisine in a rural setting has become an event that 
guests & participants eagerly anticipate year after year. Imagine 
strolling through a sweet-smelling field sampling dozens of the 
freshest, most succulent organic creations accompanied by organic 
and local wines and beers -- and you will get a taste of Feast of 
Fields. While our successful fundraising initiative is intended to be 
a leisurely, sumptuous experience, the underlying theme of Feast 
of Fields is the connection between those who grow our food and 
those who eat it, and the interdependency of all living things. Also: 
organic growers sell their delicious selections of organic products 
and answer questions about their operations & philosophies; non-
profit groups provide additional information about organic 
agriculture, the environment, fair trade and other related issues. 
Each year Feast of Fields is held at a different scenic landscape, 
ranging from organic farms and lush vineyards to wooded 
conservation areas and heritage sites. Similar events in Vancouver, 
Ottawa, Calgary (soon in Halifax, Montreal & Winnipeg).  
Funds raised help support organic agriculture and the promotion & 
understanding of growing, cooking & eating organics. Seeking 
volunteers. Tickets $100/person. Shuttle bus from Yorkdale Centre 
($10) must be booked in advance.  More info: 

Thurs Sept 28 - Sun Oct 1.  Mark Haslam 416-537-7742.  
http://www.planetinfocus.org  piffest@web.net  

* DO YOU PUBLISH a newsletter, events calendar, website, 
public service announcements, etc? Would you like to 
receive advance notice of the People- & Planet-Friendly 
listings? Please let us know! Just send us a message, 
telling us about your publication, deadlines, and how 
we can best get our listings to you. Let's work together 
to spread the word about environmental & social justice 
events in Ontario! icontario@aol.com


*** NOW AVAILABLE!!! *** 

A comprehensive directory of over 700 non-profit 
environmental & conservation groups in Ontario. 
Complete, up-to-date contact information (address, 
phone, fax, e-mail, web, contact person), plus a 
description of each group's activities & areas of 
interest. Indexed by region & town. Also includes 
government listings, conservation authorities, 
stewardship councils & more.

*** ORDER FORM ***

Name / Organization _______________________________________
Mailing Address ___________________________________________
Phone ___________________________________________________
E-mail ___________________________________________________

Please check appropriate category:
___ Individual/non-profit: $10 each*
___ Government/institution: $20 each* 
___ Business: $25 each* 
___ Bulk Orders (10+): $10 each*

*PLUS shipping & handling $2.50 (first book) $1 (each additional book). 

Please send ____ copies at $_____ each plus $_____ shipping & handling.

Total amount enclosed: $__________

Please make your cheque payable to the Ontario Environment Network, and send 
it to:

Ontario Environment Network
Box 1412, Station Main, 
North Bay, ON
P1B 8K6

Phone: 705-840-2888
Fax: 705-840-5862

*** Join the OEN - and get one copy for free ***

One FREE copy will be automatically mailed to all 
paid OEN member groups. If you are a paid member 
group, only submit an order for any additional copies 
you require. Annual membership is only $40 - please 
see below for details.

*** GET LISTED! ***

Missed the deadline? If you are a non-profit, non-
governmental organization working in Ontario on 
environmental issues, send your info now to get listed 
in the next revision! (1) Organization; (2) Contact 
Name(s) & Position; (3) Mailing Address; (4) Phone; 
(5) Fax; (6) E-mail; (7) Web site; (8) Brief Descrip. 
of your org. & its activities (max 100 words); 
(9) Primary Issues of interest. Ontario Environment 
Network oen@web.net  http://www.web.net/oen 
705-840-2888  Fax: 705-840-5862 

The Ontario Environment Network is a non-profit, non-
governmental network serving Ontario's environmental 
non-profit, non-governmental community. Ontario has 
over 700 environmental groups that range from national 
to neighbourhood-based and focus on a wide range of 
issues. The OEN seeks to increase awareness of these 
organizations, and to facilitate communication & 
cooperation among them. It is a non-advocacy network 
and does not take positions on issues.  

* Reference & Referral Services - directing inquiries 
to appropriate groups & individuals 

* Publications - Environmental Resource Book (directory 
of over 700 environmental groups in Ontario); Newsletter;  
Public Consultation, A Citizen's Handbook; Mailing Labels 
of environmental groups; Breathable Air in Your 
Community; Forests and People.   

* Conferences - workshops & twice-yearly conferences 
(fall 2000 in Sault Sainte Marie, October 13-15) 

* Caucuses - including Sustainable Transport, Land Use,  
Forests, Water, Air Quality, Labour, Youth, Waste, Energy 

* Delegate Selection - suggests delegates for public- & 
private-sector consultations & advisory committees 

* Database of Ontario environmental groups (with the 
ability to produce custom reports, lists, labels & exports) 


OEN Membership is open to non-profit, non-governmental 
organizations. Annual membership ($40) includes a copy of the 
Environmental Resource Book, a year's subscription to Network 
News (and other mailings), reduced rates on conferences, voting 
rights, membership in the Canadian Environmental Network and 
more.  Businesses, professional associations, political parties and 
individuals are not eligible for full membership, but as associate 
members ($15) they can receive all mailings. 
Membership Benefits:
(1) Reference & Referral Services 
(2) Delegate Selection 
(3) Action Alerts & Mailing Inserts 
(4) Mailing Lists & Labels 
(5) Electronic Promotion 
(6) Web Site
(7) Environmental Resource Book - free copy 
(8) Newsletter (OEN Network News)
(9) Caucus participation, voting privileges, steering committee
(10) Canadian Environmental Network membership
Detailed explanation of these benefits is available on request.


* Ontario Environment Network Fall Conference & AGM, 
Fri-Sun Oct 13-15, 2000, Sault Ste. Marie. A unique 
opportunity to network with representatives from 
environmental groups across the province.  Theme: the 
record of the environmental movement during the Harris 
years, including a look back at key campaigns such as 
Lands for Life and the spring bear hunt... and what our 
experiences in these campaigns mean for the future.  
Discussion on the governing style of the Tories & what 
this means for the environmental movement. Workshops, 
speakers, display tables, social networking, etc.  
Carpooling & some travel subsidies will be available.  
Details to follow, see: http://www.web.net/oen  
oen@web.net  705-840-2888  fax 705-840-5862
Ontario Environment Network 
P.O.Box 1412, Station Main 
North Bay, ON  P1B 8K6  
Tel: 705-840-2888  Fax: 705-840-5862   
oen@web.net  http://www.web.net/oen  


The revised "Green Guide" is now available at 
http://www.cleanair.web.ca  Includes web site addresses 
& phone numbers of 6 green electricity suppliers.

upcoming feature. Please send us resources, favourite 
websites, organizations, book titles/abstracts/reviews, 
etc., for an upcoming feature on green economic 
alternatives. A selection of your submissions will appear 
later this summer in a special feature section. 
Thank you! icontario@aol.com

* BEYOND LEFT & RIGHT - Special section on political 
alternatives, Whole Earth Magazine, Summer 2000. 

* AMPHIBIANS FADING, World Watch Magazine, July/Aug 2000. 
Why are amphibians disappearing around the world? 
What's at stake? http://www.worldwatch.org

* BIOTECH FIGHT CONTINUES. The biotech industry isn't 
down yet.... check out all the misinformation at 
http://www.whybiotech.com  (at least they are on the run!) 
[Related sites: http://www.canadians.org/ge-alert/index2.html  
http://www.greenpeacecanada.org (click on "campaigns", then 
"genetic engineering") http://www.consumerhealth.org (click on 
"articles", then do a "keyword" search on "genetic engineering". 
GENEaction (Toronto) Geneaction@graffiti.net 416-438-1254  
http://www.biodev.org/index2.htm  (click on "resources", "general 
biotech info")  http://www.rafi.org/web/action.shtml  
http://www.resistanceisfertile.com  http://www.panna.org]

* JOB: Sierra Club Executive Assistant, Toronto. 
Deadline: July 30. Approx start date: Sept 1. 
Submit by email: sccanada@web.ca  http://www.sierraclub.ca/eastern

* JOB: Executive Director, Ontario Healthy Communities 
Coalition, Toronto.Deadline: July 19. Start date: Sept. 

* JOB: Community Outreach/Fundraising Coordinator, 
permanent part-time, Toronto. With SalvAide, fostering 
economic & democratic development of El Salvador. 
Deadline: July 12. Start date: negotiable. http://www.web.ca/~salvaide/

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