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work & fun

It's not bookstore related but fun none the less!!
I am working at an integrated children's summer camp.  We are looking for a 
few special staff who would work one on one with children who need support 
to have a successful experience at camp this summer.
Experience at a camp and /or with kids who have special needs would be 
great but not essential.
This is an outdoor residential camp, so the job would involve being on site 
for 10 days at a time.  We are looking for people specifically for the 
period of July 16-30.
It is a non-smoking, no alcohol facility.  Pay would range from $150 - 
220/week depending on age and experience.
This is a wonderful community setting, hosting a wide range of people.  If 
you think you might be interested, please give Lisa a call at Octopus Books 
233-2589 as soon as possible !!

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