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"Mary Foster": Talisman Divestment Campaign needs you!

Talisman Divestment Campaign meeting

Thursday, 13 July, 6:00 pm
237 Champlain St., apt 3 Hull (a few blocks from the museum of civilisation)

Everyone is welcome!

more information:
tel 744 6270

"In fact, villagers, militia commanders, political figures [from the south]
all asked us: 'Did the Canadian oil company ask our permission to take our
oil, and sell it? Why is Canada, a rich country, taking our oil without our
permission, and without any benefit to us?'"
(Report from the Canadian Assessment Mission, January 2000)


Talisman Energy Inc is Canada's largest oil company. It is also the lead
agency in an oil project in Sudan which can be directly linked to brutal
'clearances' of oil fields (by gunships), continued fighting between the
northern government and southern autonomy forces, and continued ability of
the military dictatorship - the exclusive beneficiary of oil revenues inside
Sudan - to maintain control over the civilian population. The news report
below quotes a government official boasting that oil will bring
self-sufficiency in weaponry within the year.

Yet Talisman refuses to withdraw or suspend operations and the government of
Canada has so far refused to enact sanctions forcing Talisman to withdraw.
This despite the finding of Canada's own assessment mission that, "There are
only two ways of neutralising the negative impact of oil. One is to halt
production until real peace is attained; the other is to set government of
Sudan oil revenues aside for use when such a peace is in place."

The Talisman Divestment Campaign is asking investors in Talisman to sell
their stock in Talisman until the company withdraws from Sudan. We are
currently concentrating on the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, one of the
largest shareholders in Talisman. Although the Ontario Teachers' Federation
passed a resolution calling on its Pension Plan to divest in June, the
Pension Plan is still refusing to sell its profitable Talisman stock.

>Sudan to achieve self-sufficiency in weapons: spokesman

>News Article by AFP posted on July 01, 2000 at 10:38:57: EST (-5 GMT)
>KHARTOUM, July 1 (AFP) - Sudan will be capable of producing all
>the weapons and ammunition it needs by the end of the year thanks to its
>growing oil industry, the armed forces spokesman said in remarks
>published Saturday.
>Khartoum, which has been fighting a civil war against rebels
>since 1983, "will this year reach self-sufficiency in light, medium and
>heavy weapons from its local production," spokesman General Mohamed
>Osman Yassin was quoted as saying by Al-Share Al-Syasi newspaper.
>Yassin told a gathering of student army conscripts that Sudan was
>now manufacturing ammunition, mortars, tanks and armoured
>personnel carriers, but he did not specify whether any foreign
>expertise was involved.
>He added that Sudan embarked on the military industry project during
>its "unprecedented economic boom, particularly in the field of oil
>exploration and exportation and the remarkable progress in light and
>heavy industries."
>Sudan began exporting crude oil last August and inaugurated a
>refinery Friday which will produce butane gas for export.

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