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People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Feature (00/07/27)

Revised Thursday July 27, 2000
& SOCIAL JUSTICE EVENTS, workshops, courses, festivals, 
films, broadcasts, resources & jobs in Ontario & beyond. 
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(A) EVENTS, Courses, Broadcasts, Links (July 27 - Aug 9)
(C) What you can do / action alert
(D) Other Resources & Announcements
(E) United Nations Millennium Summit, Sept 6-8, New York City 
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* Events in Toronto, St. George, Peterborough, Algonquin, 
Killaloe, Bancroft, Ottawa, Clarence, world-wide 
...and national radio & TV broadcasts.

* BURY A MOOSE UNDER GARBAGE! Thurs July 27, 9:30am, 
Toronto. Join Toronto citizens to bury a moose under garbage in 
protest of the plan to send Toronto's garbage to the Adams Mine. If 
you can, come by early (7:30 or later) to help distributing 
thousands of flyers urging Torontonians to call Mayor Mel 
Lastman. At the Northeast corner of Dundas & University. More 
info: Tooker Gomberg 416-532-3939 (cell 834-2453) SCAM (Stop 
Considering Adams Mine) www.peanut-tree.com/scam/  
scam@ziplip.com [see also feature article, below - ed]

* COMMUNITY BICYCLE NETWORK, Thurs July 27, 9:30am - 
noon, Toronto. Volunteer workbee (moving furniture around to 
make room for new programs). 761 Queen West, Suite 101. 
Refreshments provided. cbn@connection.com

OUR FOOD? Thurs July 27, 7:30pm, Toronto. Discussion with 
Brian Champ & Peter Skira of the GENEaction citizen's group. All 
welcome. Free. At the Rose Ave. Community Centre, in the 
basement of the Rose Ave. Public School, 675 Ontario St. (btwn 
Bloor & Wellesley, East of Parliament) (near Sherbourne subway) 
More info: http://ecoexplorer.com/GENEaction.htm 
geneaction@graffiti.net 416-406-2481

* Vision TV: FISHING ON THE BRINK, Thurs July 27, 9pm 
(Eastern AND Pacific). Hard-hitting look at corporate takeover 
attempts of Atlantic Canada's inshore fishery. 

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Fri July 28 7pm to Sun July 30 7pm, Clarence. Learn what you can 
do to promote personal & planetary well being. Explore the 
beautiful Tucker House grounds - 30 acres of lawns, woodlands 
and meadows with nature trail, swimming pool and organic 
gardens. Preview the extensive collection of ecological videos & 
books. Meet like-minded others. $90 - $118. More info/register: 
613-820-0598 cmcgrego@nrcan.gc.ca.

* Vision TV: NARMADA - A VALLEY RISES, Fri July 28, 9-
11pm (Eastern AND Pacific). India's spectacular Narmada River 
and the grassroots movement saving it. 

* DON RIVER RESTORATION DAY, Sat July 29, 10am-2pm, 
Toronto. Join with a group of high school exchange students from 
Quebec as they give back to their host community. Plant wild 
flowers, clean-up the area, monitor the flora and fauna and practice 
your French! Free. Meet at the Brick Works parking lot, 10am. 
More info: http://www.toronah.com David Smaller 
dave@toronah.com http://www.summer-work.com

Toronto! Sat July 29, noon-3:30pm. Join SPOKE cyclists, media, 
food producers, processors, retailers, scientists, students & 
ecological organizations at Nathan Phillips square, Toronto City 
Hall to show your support for organic food & sustainable food 
production. Keynote speakers include Rod MacCrae (author of 
Real Food for a Change), Peter Skira (GENEaction), and Nona 
Robinson (Canadian Organic Growers). Organic lunch hosted by 
chefs from Organic Advocates / Knives & Forks. Organic food for 
sale. FoodShare demonstration "growing your own organic foods - 
anywhere!". With Canadian Organic Growers Kurt Stauffert 416-
256-5909 kstauffert@aol.com http://www.cog.ca; Ontario Natural 
Food Co-op Kim De Lallo 416-503-1144 ex.233 kd@onfc.on.ca  
http://www.onfc.on.ca ; Organic Advocates - Knives & Forks 
Alison Johns 416-256-5909 ajohns@gartnerlee.com 
http://www.organicadvocates.org ; Gene Action 416-406-2481 
geneaction@graffiti.net; Food Share Kathryn Scharf 416-392-1657 
kathryn@foodshare.net http://www.foodshare.net. Admission is 
FREE. At NATHAN PHILLIPS SQUARE, in front of Toronto 
City Hall, Queen & Bay. (*Or ride with SPOKE down Yonge St. - 
meet at Yonge & Steeles, Centrepoint Mall Parking Lot, at noon) 
(See also Peterborough July 30 & Ottawa Aug 3). More info: Mary 
Ann Veira 905-883-0978 mveira@sprint.ca  Follow the tour across 
Canada on-line: http://www.ecoexplorer.com 

* WWOOF! World-Wide Orientation to Organic Farms, ongoing, 
Canada-wide, world-wide. Looking for something REAL to do 
this summer? Want to live close to the land for a while? Want to 
learn about where our food comes from / could come from?? A 
diversity of small, organic farms across Canada and around the 
world have short- & long-term opportunities where you can work 
in exchange for room, board, learning & fun. Support the organic 
movement and get hands-on experience! $30 annual fee for list of 
400 host farms across Canada. John Vanden Heuvel, RR #2, S.18, 
C.9, Nelson, BC, V1L 5P5. 604-354-4417 wwoofcan@uniserve.com 
http://www.members.tripod.com/~wwoof  [I've done this on a 
number of occasions and can HIGHLY recommend it! - ed]

* BUTTERFLIES & BLUEBIRDS, Sun July 30, 1:30pm, 
Toronto. Nature walk with Save the Rouge. Free. Rouge 
Valley Conservation Centre, 1749 Meadowvale. 416-282-9983.

Peterborough! Sun July 30, noon-4pm. See July 29 listing for 
similar details. In Ecology Park. Also: Ottawa Aug 3. More info / 
follow the ride across Canada: http://www.ecoexplorer.com  Phung 
705-750-0166  spoke@ecoexplorer.com  Peggy Immel 
705-939-2288 or Brenda Sedgwick 705-876-1349.

Mon July 31, 7:30-10pm, Toronto. Learn how to compost that 
valuable, yet untapped resource - "humanure" - your own fecal 
matter. Learn about other untapped resources such as solar showers 
& grey water systems. Excellent slides will be shown & funny 
stories told! We will at least partially construct these systems, and 
participants will leave with ideas for constructing their own. 
Guaranteed to be liberating (in more ways than one!) For youth & 
adults - all welcome. Also, hear about the upcoming Sustainable 
Sanity Youth Week, Aug 19-27, traveling around Ontario and 
learning about permaculture, organics, green energy, and having 
fun! With Jillian Hovey & Mike Jones. $5-$10. At Super Sprouts, 
205 Spadina (btwn Queen & Dundas). RSVP if possible: Teresa 
Devor 416-657-2873 sustainablesanity@permaculture.net 

* OPPOSE THE OTTAWA WAR SHOW, Mon July 31, 7pm, 
Ottawa. Planning opposition to the Ottawa war show (aka the 
National Capital Air Show). 91A Fourth Ave. (Meeting House of 
the Society of Friends (Quakers)), just east of Bank St., in the 
Glebe. More info: Richard Sanders (Coalition to Oppose the Arms 
Trade) 613-231-3076

* Vision TV: DOWN HERE, Mon July 31, 9pm (Eastern AND 
Pacific). "Activists" - Meet some extraordinary Canadians 
speaking out for important causes & leading the way at home & 
abroad (Mon-Fri, 9pm). Tonight: Vancouver poet, political activist 
& former addict and his remarkable story of survival. 

* WE NEED MORE TRANSIT! Tues Aug 1, 6pm, Toronto. 
Rocket Riders Transit User Group and Environmentalists Plan 
Transportation meet to discuss making transit a major election 
issue. Free. Toronto City Hall, Queen & Bay. 416-596-0660.

(course), Aug 1-31 (Tu's & Th's), 7-10pm, Toronto. Fresh analysis 
of our present news media system; hopeful visions & strategies for 
a more democratic & informative news media & society; global 
context; positive & negative impacts of new communications 
technologies; case studies (both good & bad); policy/citizen action 
options; media/action project. With Paul Boin, former editor of 
Ecolutions, and News Director of the Real News Network (RNN). 
$185 (scholarships available) At OISE/UT, Room 7-216, 252 
Bloor W (between St George & Bedford). More info/register: 
416-923-6641 x2595 tlcentre@oise.utoronto.ca  

* ON THE MOVE! Tuesdays Aug 1, 8, 15 & 22, 7-10pm, 
Toronto. An exciting, free, 4-night course on the MOVE 
organization. MOVE history; the case of the MOVE 9; Mumia 
Abu-Jamal; John Africa's teachings; MOVE resistance strategies; 
making links between prisons, police brutality & more. The 
MOVE originated in Philadelphia in the early 70's; a revolutionary 
family of people against the exploitation of life - life in all forms, 
humans, animals, the environment etc.; exposing & confronting 
officials & governments who exploit life; in the early days, this 
consisted of protesting at zoos, pet shops, circuses, making links 
with environmental & animal liberation groups. Now much of their 
time is spent working to free their family members from prison, the 
MOVE 9 & Mumia Abu Jamal. All welcome. At OISE (252 Bloor 
St. W. between St. George & Huron), Room 4426. Childcare 
available. More info/register: 416-978-7770 or the Friends of the 
MOVE 416-760-2152 or mooky@campuslife.utoronto.ca  Part of 
the Free University of Toronto Program.

Wed Aug 2, 7pm, Toronto. People from different faiths, 
environmental & activist groups of all kinds, labour unions & 
political parties working on various anti-corporate issues such as: 
health care, education, labour, human rights, environment, 
democracy, sovereignty, indigenous rights, womens' issues, water, 
etc. Also, organizing the upcoming teach-ins, educational events & 
demonstrations against the OAS/FTAA summit in Quebec City 
(also the G20 meeting in Montreal). Metro Hall, room 302, 55 
John St. at King. Sid Lacombe 416-535-2335 ext 127  
sid_lacombe@yahoo.com or bobolsen@interlog.com

2, 9pm (Eastern AND Pacific). Louise Arbour and the work of 
International Criminal Tribunal in the former Yugoslavia.  

Thurs Aug 3, 6pm/7:30-10pm, Toronto. Mark Hudson, co-
ordinator of "32 Hours" will lead us in a critical look at the 
dysfunction of Global Corporate Economics and explore a more 
sustainable economy based on bioregional solutions. Potluck 6-
7pm; workshop starts at 7:30pm. For youth and adults - all 
welcome. Also, hear about the upcoming Sustainable Sanity 
Youth Week, Aug 19-27, traveling around Ontario and learning 
about permaculture, organics, green energy, and having fun! 
With Jillian Hovey & Mike Jones. $5-$10. At Super Sprouts, 
205 Spadina (btwn Queen & Dundas). RSVP if possible: 
Teresa Devor 416-657-2873 sustainablesanity@permaculture.net 

* ORGANICS BIKE TOUR arrives in Ottawa! Thurs Aug 3. A 
cross-Canada bike tour to raise national awareness about the 
benefits of organic farming, the threats of genetically engineered 
organisms, and promoting sustainable food production. One of 15 
media events being organized to provide a common voice for food 
producers, processors, retailers, scientists, students and all 
organizations making efforts to reduce our social ecological 
footprint. Also Toronto July 29, Peterborough July 30. More info / 
follow the ride across Canada: http://www.ecoexplorer.com  
Richard 613-722-3266  spoke@ecoexplorer.com

* Vision TV: DEMOCRACY A LA MAUDE, Thurs Aug 3, 9pm 
(Eastern AND Pacific). Maude Barlow's intelligence & savvy give 
ordinary Canadians a powerful voice. 

Thurs Aug 3 - Mon Aug 7 (long weekend), Ottawa. The Green 
Party is a world-wide movement, now in power in Mexico, France, 
Italy, Germany & Norway -- and gaining ground all over the 
world. This August long weekend, the Green Party of Canada is 
holding its biannual conference at the University of Ottawa. A 
great opportunity for meeting kindred spirits and planning 
strategies for moving peace, environment & social justice issues 
into the public arena. Come for all or part. Billeting is available, 
and your expenses are tax-deductible. Prominent speakers, 
workshops on numerous Green topics, and lots of opportunities for 
networking. Speakers include Elizabeth May (Sierra Club); Duff 
Conacher (Democracy Watch); Margarite Ritchie (Nanoone Bay 
Anti-nuclear protest); Ralph Torrie (Climate change & alternative 
energy); Richard Wolfson (Genetic Engineering); Mike Kaulbars 
(activism, Peace and Environment Resource Center); Joan Russow 
(leader, Green Party of Canada). ALL WELCOME (only members 
can vote). Membership: $5. Conference: $40. Accommodations, 
billeting & camping available. At the University of Ottawa, 550 
Cumberland. Please RSVP asap. More info: 
johndodson@sympatico.ca or André Clermont 
clermont.famille@sympatico.ca 613-749-6027 
http://ottawa2000.flora.org  http://www.green.ca  (general Green 
Party contacts: gpc@green.ca  1-888-6GREEN6 phone/fax: 416-929-2397)

Toronto. Composting with worms! Dividing & creating new 
composters, harvesting compost, using it in the gardens, compost 
tea, more. Free. At Scadding Court Community Gardens, 707 
Dundas West at Bathurst. RSVP Christine 416-392-0335 x223 at 
least two days before the workshop. Rsvp also for childcare needs.

* EARTH WISDOM WALKABOUT, Sat-Sun Aug 5-6, near 
Algonquin Park. A two day wilderness trip to learn the art of living 
in nature ("wilderness survival"). Travel with minimum equipment 
through remote areas of forest & lake outside Algonquin Park, 
learning the skills indigenous to the land. Connect with the primal 
self & nature's elemental beings of earth, air, fire & water; exercise 
our deeper intuitive knowledge of, and connection with, the natural 
world (specifically the plant kingdom); celebrate & honour our 
ecological & cosmological relations through play & ritual. Organic 
vegetarian meals provided. $150. ($20 deposit required, two weeks 
in advance). More info/register: Kim Elkington & Steven Martyn, 
Algonquin Tea Co. 1-800-292-6671   herbteas@webhart.net  

NATURAL LIFE FESTIVAL, Sat Aug 5 - Mon Aug 7 (Civic 
Holiday weekend), 10am - 5pm, St. George. Celebration, 
education, resources & contacts for sustainable, healthy living. 
Green Marketplace, workshops, demonstrations, natural & organic 
foods. Workshops include Eco-friendly Lawn Care; Voluntary 
Simplicity; Strawbale Housing; Cohousing - Creating Community; 
Cold Cellar Organic Storage; Solar Hot Water & Space Heating; 
Sustainable Housing; Deschooling - Challenging Assumptions in 
Education. Call for info about group camping at a nearby 
conservation area. Third annual. Community Centre, on Hwy 5 just 
East of Hwy 24, St. George, Ontario (one hour west of Toronto). 
$2 (kids free). Workshops $5 each (first come first served) Natural 
Life - Canada's Alternative Newsmagazine http://www.life.ca  
1-800-215-9574 or 519-448-4001

FUN, Sat Aug 5 - Fri Aug 18, Killaloe. Learn how to build with 
cob & strawbale while helping to create a medical clinic in the 
rolling hills of the Canadian Shield. Cob, a mixture of sand, clay, 
and straw, is handsculpted into a monolithic mass which hardens 
like soft concrete to create sound, organic, healthy buildings, 
garden walls, ovens ... the possibilities are endless. Linda Smiley 
& Ianto Evans of the Cob Cottage Company together with a group 
from the Gesundheit! Institute, founded by Patch Adams (of movie 
fame). It's also possible to take the course in one-week segments. 
The first week, basics of cob, has a waiting list. In the second 
week, we will do more work on the building, including the roof, a 
spiral staircase, a rocket stove and wood-fired heated floor, and get 
into the healing aspects of this work. One week: $540 US; both 
weeks: $880 US incl. camping and three vegetarian meals a day. 
Discounts for families & groups. More info: 541-942-2005 
http://www.deatech.com/cobcottage [or Blair Voyvodic 613-757-2174]

* HIROSHIMA DAY, Sun Aug 6, 4:30-9pm, Toronto. Our 
government is considering building a National Missile Defense 
system at the insistence of the United States. This program will 
violate treaties and restart the arms race. This makes Hiroshima 
Day 2000 a vital date to remember the tragedy of Hiroshima & 
Nagasaki, and recommit ourselves and our city to nuclear abolition 
and a future of peace. 4:30-7pm: Children's Peace Festival with 
storytelling, sing-a-long, crafts. 6:30-7:30 walk the path of peace. 
7:30-9pm: Observance Service with guest speakers, music, laying 
of paper-crane wreath at Peace Garden and lantern ceremony. Free 
admission. (organization tables $10) Nathan Phillips Square, 100 
Queen St. W at Bay. More info: Susan Berry 
susan.berry@3web.com 416-205-9275 or Mike Nevin 416-463-9163

Sun Aug 6, 10:30am, Ottawa. Hiroshima Day talk with Marguerite 
Ritchie of the Human Rights Institute of Canada, on the ethical & 
legal implications of the Federal Government's expropriation of 
Nanoose Bay BC. At First Unitarian, 30 Cleary Ave. More info: 
Dan Morrison ae947@ncf.ca 613-225-7216.

* HIROSHIMA DAY, Sun Aug 6, 6-9pm, Ottawa. Let's make the 
21st century nuclear weapons free! Commemeration ceremony for 
the victims of the bombs dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 
1945. By the pond at the Canal and 3rd Avenue. 6pm: bring your 
own picnic; 7pm:   Lantern workshop; 8pm Ceremony; 8:30 
Lighting of the Lanterns. In case of rain the workshop & ceremony 
will be held in Friends Meeting House, 91 1/2 4th Ave. More info: 
Ploughshares Ottawa 613-230-4590 or 613-727-8255

(COMER), Tues Aug 8, 7:30pm, Toronto. Seminar & discussion 
with Bill Krehm, author, former Time Magazine correspondent, 
and authority on economics, banking & the money system. 
Analysis of current events and their implications for monetary & 
economic reform, to increase economic literacy, social well-being 
& environmental sustainability. The use of Bank of Canada / 
government created, interest-free money to solve social problems 
without increasing debt. Literature displays & books for sale. Also, 
COMER chapter meetings first & third Tuesday each month. 
Speakers available. Free. At the Ontario Institute for Studies in 
Education (OISE), 4th floor, 252 Bloor St. West between St. 
George & Bedford. More info: Anne 416-654-3499

9:05pm, world-wide.  The last indigenous people in Europe, the 
reindeer-herding Sami, have maintained a unique culture for 
thousands of years. Philip Coulter goes north of the Arctic Circle 
to find out how they have survived and found a place in the 
modern world. On "Ideas", CBC Radio One, across Canada (FM 
99.1 in Toronto; also shortwave, satellite & internet RealAudio) 
http://www.radio.cbc.ca/programs/ideas/  "Ideas" airs Mondays-
Fridays 9:05pm Eastern time.


What to do with 26 million tons of garbage?

Toronto's plan to ship millions of tons of garbage to Northern 
Ontario is short-sighted, self-destructive, and shameful. 

The "Adam's Mine" plan would lock Toronto into a twenty-year 
contract -- twenty years of unfathomable waste and stupidity -- 
before we could again seek a more creative solution. 

It would force 1.3 million tons of our garbage each year onto a 
community that has repeatedly rejected the proposal.

Other cities across the country, from Halifax to Edmonton, have 
already shown that better alternatives exist. New ideas and 
technologies for reducing, recycling, composting, and generating 
methane can work together to create jobs, save money AND 
protect the environment.

But Toronto's Mayor seems to want the throw-away solution: side-
step the problem, dump the garbage on another community, and let 
the next generation deal with the consequences. 

This is exactly the mentality that got us here in the first place! 

The scheme would use enormous amounts of fossil fuel, endanger 
groundwater, and result in millions of tons of methane being 
released into the atmosphere -- leading to climate change and 
severe weather, from ice storms to tornadoes. 

Millions of dollars of materials and compost would be wasted. All 
the nutrients that we reap from our farmers' (diminishing) soils 
would be tossed into a big hole, to be forever mixed with battery 
acid, rusty containers of Raid, etc., etc. -- and rendered useless for 
future generations. 

Jobs would be lost. And Toronto's reputation as a progressive, 
world-class city would be tarnished, if not destroyed -- all for no 
good reason! 

We need to convince the Mayor and Council to reject this crazy 
plan and seek a better alternative. 

Council will vote this Tuesday (August 1st). Whether or not you 
live in Toronto, please call the Mayor and ask him to vote against 
the Adam's Mine proposal. If you live in Toronto, call your 
Councillor as well.

More information is available on the internet at 
and  http://www.adamsmine.com.

Let's not send our future to the dump!

     - Peter Blanchard


Call Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman: 
    416-395-6464, 395-6484 or 395-6494
    Fax 416-395-6440

Find out who your City Councillor is:

More information: 
    "Stop Considering Adam's Mine (SCAM)"

Help in the next few days with:
    - phoning blitzing
    - distributing leaflets
    - financial donations
    Call Angela at 416-532-3939


New York State is asking the U.S. government to pursue a lawsuit 
against Ontario. It is accusing Ontario companies of polluting the 
air in the city of Buffalo and destroying Adirondack Park. Full 
story on-line at http://www.life.ca  (Natural Life, Canada's 
Alternative Newsmagazine)

municipality of Halifax/Dartmouth is going ahead with a pesticide 
ban. Last night, city councillors approved, by a margin of 17 to 6, 
a bylaw that will make it illegal to use pesticides on lawns & gardens. 
Full story on-line at http://www.life.ca  (Natural Life, Canada's 
Alternative Newsmagazine)

WHEN promote a clear understanding about the links between 
health and the state of our environment. For example, cancer 
incidence has increased significantly as both the chemical and 
nuclear industries have proliferated. Our video EXPOSURE 
discusses this issue in greater detail is one of our main vehicles for 
promoting awareness, along with our CO2 initiative, video and 
handbook. SEEKING VOLUNTEERS from all walks of life: get in 
on the action working at activist fairs & womens' marches as an 
information & resource person, fundraising, project organising, 
etc. Generally, come and help out one of Toronto's most crucial 
non-profit women's awareness organsations! (Fluency in French, 
Spanish or Italian would be a great asset). 517 College Street west 
of Bathurst  More info: Andrea Janzen when@web.net 416-928-0880 

NEEDS YOU! Volunteer assistance needed before & during this 
event. Film Shipping & Traffic; Technical coordination; Marketing 
- Publicity, Promotional Materials, Advertising; Press Releases, 
Press Kits; Publications - Program Guide; Reception coordination; 
Ticketing, Audience Surveys; Public Educational Programs -  
Coordination of Speakers; Transportation. Event runs Sept 28 - Oct 
1. Planet in Focus 416-537-7742 piffest@web.ca [related site: 

Organizing a local group for environmental journalists & freelance 
writers in Toronto, Ontario (affiliated with the Society of 
Environmental Journalists). Events, networking, etc. Saul Chernos 
schernos@yahoo.com  [related site: http://www.sej.org ]

"Never doubt that a small number of dedicated people can 
change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has." 
     - Margaret Mead


This will be the largest gathering of heads of state in history, and it 
demands the energetic attention of all those fighting against the 
continued path of the globalization, militarization and 
de-democratization of the world. We are envisioning a week of 
teach-ins and actions, beginning with the International Forum on 
Globalization planned for Sept 5th. This day of learning focuses on 
"Economic Globalization and the Role of the United Nations." 
Discussion will center on the question of whether the UN can be at 
all salvaged from corporate and super-power dominance. Guest 
speakers include Vandana Shiva, Anuradha Mittal, David Korten, 
Victor Navasky, and many others. More info: http://www.ifg.org

September 6th demonstrations will be targeted at pressuring the 
UN and member states to sign, ratify, and implement several 
specific treaties that will be considered at the Summit. Please join 
S6-Mobilization@egroups.com to help plan for a day of action 
around proposals such as the International Criminal Court, the 
Tobin Tax, and UNILETS.

September 7th is a day to demand that the increasing militarization 
of the world must stop, and that the people do not tolerate games 
such as Star Wars to be played out between the elites at the 
expense of humanity. Rather, attention, research and money must 
be funneled toward the development of energy-saving, 
environment-protecting technologies that will keep the earth safe 
and sustainable for future generations.

September 8th will be the culmination of the weeks events, with 
attention directly aimed at the non-democratic structures of all 
international institutions that keep the will of the people from 
being implemented. Please join S8-Mob@topica.com to help plan 
for a day demanding a truly democratic world that works for the 
people and the planet -- not free trade and corporate profit.

Endorsers & Steering Committee members: 50 Years is Enough; 
Jubilee 2000 Global South; Corporate Watch; Program on 
Corporations, Law, and Democracy; Economic Justice for Africa 
Now; the Free Burma Coalition and the Coalition for Dignity & 
Amnesty for Undocumented Immigrants.

Making the United Nations accountable to the peoples of the world!

On September 6-8, 2000, the United Nations will host the UN 
Millennium Summit, the largest gathering of heads of state in 
history, to set the agenda for the world for the new millennium. 
Political and corporate leaders will consider the ratification of over 
500 treaties that declare the need for economic, social, political, 
and cultural human rights for all peoples. However, the 
hierarchical structure and openness to corporate influence of the 
UN, make it close to impossible to...

In light of the deepening crises of poverty, racism, armed conflict, 
ecological devastation, militarization, human rights abuses, 
exploitative labor, cultural dissolution, the further impoverishment 
of the peoples of the global South, the eroding democracy caused 
or exacerbated by corporate globalization, and the corporate 
agenda of the IMF, World Bank, and WTO, and to have any hope 
of elevating the quality of life of all the world's people...

Join us to tell the "leaders" of the world what real global human 
development is. On September 8th, bring your ideas of what 
democracy really looks like to the streets of New York City for a 
day of protest, direct action and international celebration. Just as 
on the streets of Seattle, DC, Philly and LA, the voices of the 
people will be heard in New York and will not be silenced until 
real change comes.

For more information on tax-deductible contributions, please call 
Nisha Anand: 718-369-2724.

If your organization would like to endorse this call, please email 
S8-Mob@onebox.com, or call the voicemail number at (212) 894-
3761 x1207 and leave a message specifying which organization is 
endorsing the call and leave contact info. Also, if you would like to 
be an integral part of the planning for this historic event, please 
join the listserv by sending a blank email to: 


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