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Canadian oil interests in war in Sudan

Talisman Divestment Campaign meeting
Wednesday, 2 August, 7 pm
OPIRG - Carleton office (3rd floor, University Centre (Unicentre), Carleton


Talisman Energy Inc is the lead partner in a government of Sudan oil
project. The government gained power by military coup in 1989, is unelected,
is opposed by the vast majority of Sudanese (most vehemently in the
culturally and historically distinct south) and is deliberately targetting
civilians in the war it is waging against opposition forces in the south and
the Nuba mountains. A prominent leader in the northern women's movement
recently and aptly described the government as a "bunch of bandits." The UN
special rapporteur to Sudan noted in a human rights report in late 1999 that
the government of Sudan was pursuing a "scorched earth policy" to clear
oil-rich regions of civilians. This means death, rape, burning of homes.

All oil revenues within Sudan are controlled by the government of Sudan. A
government official announced in a public speech last month that oil
revenues would make Sudan self-sufficient in weaponry within the year. This
is not a victory for the people of Sudan, against whom the weapons are being

When a Canadian government delegation visited Sudan in late 1999, they
discovered that Talisman's air strips were being used by the government of
Sudan to launch bombing raids on civilian targets in the south of the

Two of the major investors in Talisman include the Ontario Teachers' Pension
Plan and the Ontario Municipal Employees' Retirement Fund. The Ontario
Teachers' Federation passed a resolution in June calling on the Pension Plan
to divest, but the Pension Plan is autonomous of the Federation and is still
refusing to sell its Talisman stock.

The Talisman Divestment Campaign is a working group of OPIRG-Carleton
involving both Sudanese and other Canadians. Our objective is to put
divestment pressure on Talisman to cease operations in Sudan until a just
and lasting peace is in place. All who share our objectives and able/willing
to put some work into the campaign are very welcome to join us.

more info: 744 6270 or 777 3058; disinvest@teacher.com

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