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NOW OPEN: re-Cycles Bicycle Co-op

The re-Cycles Bicycle Co-op is a non-profit, volunteer cooperative
dedicated to:

- preventing bikes from becoming landfill;
- providing inexpensive bikes to those in need; and,
- promoting cycling as a non-polluting transportation alternative.

Our services include: 
- Community Bike Repair Days > every Sunday from 2pm-6pm our shop is
open to the public for do-it-yourself bike repair. Fees for Members are
$2 per hour, Non-members $4 per hour (experienced mechanics are on hand
to provide advice). Annual memberships are $10, and include your first
session fees.

- Bicycle Repair Workshops, including women's-only sessions > COMING SOON

- Inexpensive refurbished bicycles for sale

We're located at 112 Nelson Street (1/2 block north of Rideau, "Main
Entrance", in the basement)

Volunteers are always welcome, no experience is necessary.  We currently
have a need for mechanics to repair donated bikes. Just show up during
our volunteer repairs sessions (Tue and Thur 6pm-10pm) and we'll get you started.

Lots of other people are needed for cycling promotion, policy
development, environment+health and safety, and much more.

For more info write to ldeane@sympatico.ca, or just drop by the shop.
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