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A call to action against hunting and privatization

Mike Harris has legalized hunting in provincial parks, and on August 23, 
it's our turn to show him zero tolerance.

From August 23-27, Ottawa will be hosting the Premier's Symposium on North 
America's Hunting Heritage, a continental conference on hunting.  Usually 
held in the U.S.A. as the Governor's Symposium, it has been invited here 
personally by Mr. Harris (at the expense of the taxpayers), the first time 
this event will be held in Canada.

The real event, however, will be our peaceful demonstration outside the 
Congress Centre, where the symposium is being held.

The Symposium was to be held in Toronto, but has been moved here, reportedly 
to avoid demonstrations in our nation's largest city.

One of the goals of Mr. Harris' conference is to "improve the public image 
of hunting", to counteract "a diminishing of the human existence in the 
ecosystem" and to assert "the human role as the top predator" (to quote the 
event's website).  Ours is to destroy the false image Harris has built of 
his environmental agenda, and show it for what it really is: yet another 
responsibility- shifting/privatization scheme the likes of which brought 
tragedy to Walkerton.

A broad coalition of local, provincial, and national organizations from 
Ottawa, Toronto and the rest of the province aims to tell all - about the 
Conservative government's assault on our treasured parks and wilderness 

If you would like to be kept up to date on our plans, or, even better, can 
become involved, please email OPIRG at <opirg@carleton.ca> or phone us at 
520-2757, and check out the Peaceful Parks Coalition website at 

Also, please take a look at the Premier's Symposium on North America's 
Hunting Heritage website at www.mnr.gov.on.ca/mnr/ps2000/challenge.html

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