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haymarket release party this thursday!

hello all. 
the second edition of haymarket (an ottawa zine of local resistance - thought 
and action) is due to be released this thursday, august 10th, at 7pm.  copies 
are free.

the location is a little tricky - but it'll be worth it once you get there.  
it's under the new bridge (where they were 'restoring the core') by the 
locks, kind of where elgin turns into rideau.  it is accessible by the stairs 
near the war memorial, and the ramp by the nac.  we will be chalking 
directions for everyone on thursday.

along with releasing the first copies of the second haymarket, we will be 
having a potluck (vegetarian - preferably vegan), and will go postering fun 
stuff afterwards - so bring your food and your propaganda.
hope to see you all there.
karen emily
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