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Fw: Ontario anti-FTAA/G-20 Organizing Tour

> >From: Jaggi Singh <jaggi@tao.ca>
> >To: clac@tao.ca
> >Subject: Ontario anti-FTAA/G-20 Organizing Tour
> >Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 08:30:28 +0000 (GMT)
> >
> >
> >
> >Hi there - This e-mail is being sent to various contacts all over Ontario.
> >I'm writing to propose a two-week anti-FTAA/G-20 Organizing Tour in
> >southern Ontario from late September to mid-October.
> >
> >The idea is for 3 to 4 anti-FTAA organizers from Montreal and Quebec City
> >(to be confirmed) to visit various towns and cities between Windsor and
> >Ottawa this fall. The goal would be to pass on information about the FTAA,
> >the Summit of the Americas and organizing efforts in Quebec. It would also
> >be an opportunity to make direct contact with Quebec-based activists (and
> >for us here to meet Ontario-based folks), and use those links to mobilize
> >towards the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City (April 2001), as well as
> >in local awareness-raising efforts where you live.
> >
> >As it so happens, the tour would take place just before the upcoming G-20
> >finance and bank governors meeting in Montreal (October 24&25), so it
> >would also be an opportunity to talk about the protests, teach-ins and
> >direct actions being planned by the recently formed "G-20 Welcoming
> >Committee".
> >
> >There are still some details to be worked out from the Quebec end, but
> >basically organizers involved with La Convergence des luttes
> >anti-capitalistes (CLAC, the Anti-Capitalist Convergence), the Independent
> >Research Collective (based in Montreal) as well as Occupation Quebec
> >Printemps (OQP) 2001 (based in Quebec City), would be involved. OQP still
> >has to be confirmed, but I have good contacts with various members. From
> >the G-20 end, someone from the "G-20 Welcoming Committee" would be
> >involved. I'm personally involved with the CLAC, the research collective
> >and the G-20 group, but the whole idea of this tour would be to have a
> >group of 3-4 organizers (a carload) from Montreal and Quebec City who
> >would share in presentations, meetings, workshops, etc.
> >
> >Ideally, it would be great to make contact with local anti-corporate
> >globalization networks and affinity groups, student & campus organizations
> >(PIRGs, progressive student associations), union representatives, locals
> >and district councils, solidarity and social justice groups, and any other
> >collectives or individuals who share a critique of, and opposition to,
> >capitalist-style globalization.
> >
> >So, if you're interested, please read on for more detailed info. Also,
> >pass on this e-mail to other contacts you might have in Southern Ontario.
> >You can reach me by phone at 514-526-8946 or <jaggi@tao.ca>.
> >
> >
> >The tour would start around September 30 in Windsor, and end no later than
> >October 16 in Ottawa. The initial brainstorm of places to visit includes:
> >
> >From the Quebec end, we can offer information and analysis (written and
> >oral) on the FTAA, the Summit of the Americas, the G-20 and capitalist
> >globalization in general. As well, we can facilitate workshops on a
> >variety of related topics, as well as pass on detailed information about
> >organizing efforts (what's happening, logistics issues, who's organizing,
> >etc). Of course, many of these topics could easily, or better, be covered
> >by local organizers, so the idea would be to _collaborate_ on local
> >panels, workshops and presentations. The tour also offers a chance to
> >collectively strategize about our analyses, vision and tactics in
> >confronting the FTAA, and to contribute to the efforts of activists in
> >Quebec City and Montreal.
> >
> >Prospective local events include:
> >
> >* public panels/discussions/presentations on the FTAA, with local
> >activists, organizers and speakers, as well as one or two of us from
> >Quebec;
> >* workshops on the FTAA, the Summit of the Americas and the context of
> >capitalist globalization, in collaboration with local efforts, or
> >autonomously;
> >* face-to-face meetings with local organizers about logistics, mobilizing,
> >strategy and other issues;
> >* interventions in the local media, especially community radio and
> >alternative publications, if local organizers think that would be useful;
> >* anything else we can fit in and you think would be useful.
> >
> >Depending on scheduling, the idea is to pass 2 to 3 days in each city with
> >meetings, workshops and public events (and just some old-fashioned
> >networking, debates and discussions in bars/cafes). The Toronto part of
> >the tour could take longer, but keep in mind that Toronto could be visited
> >again later this fall, and again in the winter.
> >
> >Depending on who goes on the trip from here, we can offer some other
> >interesting workshops and discussions. Personally, I'm interested in
> >making contact with activists from majority communities (aka, "people of
> >colour") to strategize around specific issues related to the
> >anti-globalization movement and "the colour of resistance". Another
> >potential participant is very knowledgeable about the Quebec radical and
> >progressive student movement. Some of us are connected to the PGA
> >(People's Global Action against "Free" Trade) and are hoping to organize a
> >PGA North American gathering in Montreal or Quebec City next spring. This
> >tour would be a great way to strategize around the PGA. Other potential
> >participants are well acquainted with anti-capitalist movements in Latin
> >America, and have recently returned from extended stays.
> >
> >In terms of costs, I'm trying to find a car from the Montreal end, and I'm
> >trying to fundraise for other expenses (food, lodgings, photocopying,
> >etc). It would be great if local groups, resources permitting, could
> >contribute towards gas costs between cities, and perhaps offer a small
> >honorarium to help us meet other expenses. Finding places to stay for 3 to
> >4 folks would also be handy. We're not fussy (floor space and
> >shower-access are just fine).
> >
> >Again, please get in touch so that we can start planning and scheduling.
> >Also, pass this on to other contacts in Ontario. Look forward to hearing
> >from you. Peace.
> >
> >-- Jaggi Singh
> >August 12, 2000, MONTREAL
> >(tel: 514-526-8946, jaggi@tao.ca)
> >
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