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Tue.Aug.15 - planning Anti-Hunting/Harris rally for Aug.23

          meeting - Tuesday  Aug.15 (today!) - 7:00 pm - 
          280 Metcalfe St. - (beside Colonnade Pizza) - 5th floor
          and ditto, Tues. Aug.22

          Final stretch in planning the rally for 
                         Noon, Wed. Aug.23, Congress Centre - 
             - or contact us to help with postering or anything else you can
offer ! !   
          -  also - we need some stuffed animals, the larger the better - 
               -   Adam <toplessman@hotmail.com>
               -   Katherine <kgunn@cyberus.ca>

Please pass the word to your own contacts and networks !
We can send poster or handbill by email for you to distribute.

     Thank You!

 Rally Against Sport Hunting Symposium in Ottawa, August 23-27, 2000

OPIRG-CarletonForestry Group and the Peaceful Parks Coalition (PPC), in
cooperation with other groups, are organizing a rally (Aug.23, noon,
Congress Centre)  in Ottawa against the Premier's Symposium on Heritage
Hunting August 23-27  - a US "Governors' Symposium", invited here by Mike
Harris! -  expected to attract 750 sport hunters  and others from Canada,
the United States and Mexico.  It was originally to be held in Toronto but
was moved to Ottawa for fear of protests!

Harris and his cronies are now using tax dollars to run commercials about
the 378 new parks they created under the 'Ontario Lands for Life' decision
-  They don't mention that all these new parks will all allow sport hunting,
commercial trapping, snowmobiling and mining.  

From  the Ministry of Natural Resources website:

                                ...... everyone alive today is descended from
                                     thousands of generations of successful
                                     hunters. Hunting and being hunted have
                                     shaped our genetic background.
                                     ............     the human
                                     community have lost touch with their
                                     hunting roots, and their link to the land.
                                     With this shift comes a diminishing of
                                     the human significance in the ecosystem
                                     - the human role as a natural,
top-level predator.
                                     ............., society faces
                                     tremendous upheaval as we disconnect
                                     from the land and stray from our
heritage of hunting. 
                                     This symposium is the sixth in a series
                                     of Governors' Symposia, being held for
                                     the first time outside the United States,
                                     at the personal invitation of the
Premier of Ontario. 
                                     ........ celebrate our rich heritage as
                                     ......... build on hunting's
conservation traditions. 

Ontario's Premier Mike Harris, an adamant sports hunter, promised to
introduce a new  "Heritage Hunting and Fishing Act" during the last
election campaign, which appears to be modelled after the agenda of the
anti-environmental 'Wise Use Movement' south of the border, including the
"right to hunt"  legislation of Minnesota.  The legislation will seek to
enshrine sports hunting as a right.  Equally significant, the Harris
government is seeking to privatize the licensing and regulation of sports
hunters and anglers.  In effect, a private organization - The Ontario
Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) -  would be placed in charge of a
large component of wilderness management in the province of Ontario.

 Unless we can show that there is real public opposition to the sport
hunting obsession of the Harris government, the last remaining  wilderness
areas will be lost to special interests such as Ontario Federation of
Anglers and
Hunters.  Government plans, both provincial and federal, are to permit and
encourage hunting by children down the the age of 12 years.

The Harris government is vulnerable to environmental and wildlife
protection issues.  Since coming to office in 1995, their environmental
protection record has been appalling and it is now catching up to them.
The Premier's Symposium offers a great opportunity to send a strong
message to the Premier of Ontario and commercial interests 
that strong protection for our parks takes precedent over weekend and
recreational sports killing and the resource industries.

Peaceful  Parks supports First Nations traditional and subsistence hunting
and recognizes it as being different from weekend or recreational hunting.

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