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G20 Mobilization - Meeting

This is a re-post and a reminder.

> Good afternoon,
> There will be a meeting in Ottawa on the 16th of August at 1 Nicholas St.,
> Suite 1200, at 18:00 (6 PM) to organize the Ottawa G20 Mobilisation.
> We are a group of people who would like to get as many people in Ottawa to
> go to Montréal for the G20 Meeting on October 24th and 25th and
> participate in the protest/shutdown to express our discontent with the
> total lack of democracy within the framework of the G20 and the total lack
> of care for people and the planet expressed through the decisions and
> actions inspired by the neo-liberal agenda which finds its able hands
> through organization as the G20.
> As one can read from the official G20 website <http://www.g20.org/> 
> Introduction
> On September 25, 1999 in Washington, D.C., the finance ministers of the
> Group of Seven (G-7) leading industrialized nations announced the creation
> of the Group of Twenty (G-20). This new international forum of finance
> ministers and central bank governors represents 19 countries, the European
> Union and the Bretton Woods* Institutions (the International Monetary Fund
> (IMF) and the World Bank). 
> The creation of the G-20 fulfills the commitment by G-7 leaders at the
> June 1999 Summit at Köln "...to establish an informal mechanism for
> dialogue among systemically important countries within the framework of
> the Bretton Woods* institutional system."
> Mandate of the G-20
> The G-20 will promote discussion, and will study and review policy issues
> among industrialized countries and emerging markets with a view to
> promoting international financial stability.
> and
> The G-20 will complement the activities of other international
> organizations: 
> The inclusion of the President of the World Bank, the Managing Director of
> the IMF and the Chairpersons of the International Monetary and Financial
> Committee and the Development Committee will ensure that the G-20 process
> is well integrated with the activities of these institutions.  
> *Bretton Woods Conference, popular name of the 1944 United Nations
> Monetary and Financial Conference that took place at Bretton Woods, a
> vacation resort in New Hampshire. The conference resulted in the creation
> of the International Monetary Fund and the International Bank for
> Reconstruction and Development.
> 			<Encyclopedia Britanica Online>
> We believe that the very framework of the Bretton Woods Institutions is at
> the heart of the destructive neo-liberal capitalist globalization. Because
> of this, the G20 is yet another tool to implement the same program that
> benefits a few to the expense of the many as well as the planet as a
> whole.
> We would appreciate anyone and everyone that wants to join with us and the
> thousands of people in Montréal and elsewhere organizing and expressing
> direct democracy on the streets of Montréal at the end of October and
> throughout this process of education and mobilization.
> Enjoy this day
> Sincerely,
> Guillaume Bélanger
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