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Women's Forum

You and your colleagues are invited to a Women's Forum
with Bob Chiarelli, Regional Chair, Ottawa-Carleton

on Wednesday, August 30th from 5:00 - 7:00 pm
at the old Strand Theatre, 1285 Bank Street
(across from the Dairy Queen, just north of Riverdale Avenue)

Representatives from a variety of local women's and community organizations
will discuss the barriers facing women in our city including: housing;
violence against women; Aboriginal women's health; sexual orientation; women
living with disabilities; and the barriers facing women of colour and
Francophone women.
Speakers include:
Yvette Beckles, Congress of Black Women
Deborah Chansonneuve, Women's Place/Place aux femmes
Sgt. Sylvia Durand, Cdn. Armed Forces Gender Equity Specialist
Souad Elmansouri, Gloucester Centre for Community Resources
Caroll Holland, The Barrier Elimination Plan Committee
Rosine Kelly, Action Logement
Marge Lanigan, Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health/Odawa Native Friendship
Linda Osmond, Catholic Family Service Centre and Regional Coordinating
Committee to End Violence Against Women
Katie Painlunga, Independant Living Centre

Facilitator: Rakhi Ruparelia, Women's Place/Place aux femmes


Randi Hansen or Anna Baker
telephone: 722-0098

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