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Leave our parks alone! A call to action.


WHO: the Peaceful Parks Coalition and
OPIRG-Carleton Forestry Working Group
are staging a protest during the Premier's
Symposium on North America's
Hunting Heritage - a gathering of pro-hunting
interests from throughout the
WHAT: a peaceful demonstration at the Premier's Symposium
WHEN: Wednesday, August 23 from 12 noon to 1 p.m.
WHERE: the Congress Centre, on Colonel By Drive,
just south of Rideau.
WHY: Mike Harris has boasted the creation of 378
new parks by his
administration.  What he has often neglected to
mention is that nearly all
of these parks allow for combinations of
hunting, fishing, logging, and
mining.  This goes against most Ontarians' view
of parks as a natural safe
haven.  Now Harris wants to allow some of the
industries named above in
previously designated parks.
We say "NO!".  What do you say?
See you on Wednesday.

For more information, contact OPIRG-Carleton at <opirg@carleton.ca> or phone 
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