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Thur.Aug.24 - Lubicon Cree support - meeting 7 pm

 the next  meeting of  Outaouais Lubicon Solidarity . . . . .

          Thursday 24 August, 7:00 pm
          153 Laurier Ave. East  (at Cumberland)

Having learned that Sept.1 (not the 18th) is the date the Feds are to 
cut off social assistance to about 100 Lubicon familes who do not live 
on a non-existent reserve, we have a lot to do in the next two weeks !

Please join us if you can.

1. fighting the threatened social assistance change
2. strategy meeting with FOL/Toronto and ALQ/Montreal in Sept.
3. 26 september reserve building on parliament hill
4. grimshaw day (Oct.23) / benefit concert  

You are invited to become informed on the situations affecting the 
Lubicon Cree First Nation, a small band in northern Alberta.  These people 
await the fulfillment of  federal government promises for a reserve,  made 
in 1939.  Although the Lubicons have never ceded their traditional territory. 
the federal and provincial governments have permitted oil and other 
resource companies to exploit the natural resources and disastrously 
damage the environment in that traditional territory.

The most recent collapse in land right negotiations hinges on an arbitrary
and puzzling decision by the Federal government to rescind a 1981 agreement
covering social assistance to the Lubicons - forcing some of the people to
join other (non-Lubicon) bands, and further attacking and dividing this
small community.

Support groups for the Lubicons are working in several parts of Canada, 
and we welcome your interest or your assistance in Ottawa - 
     - actively planning for lobbying, public education or demonstrations; 
     - taking part in these events when they are scheduled; 
     - or just by learning of our work.  
We can send you more comprehensive background material if you wish 
to see it.

Please contact us at: 

Mary Foster <mfoster@web.ca>  or   Katherine Gunn <kgunn@cyberus.ca>
          (819) 777-3058                                             (613)

      Thank you - 
               Outaouais Lubicon Solidarity

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