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Protecting Canada's National Parks:A CPAWS Symposium


Canada's national parks are threatened by visitor over-use, commercial
developments, new roads, ski hill expansions, forest and mining developments
outside park boundaries, pollution and global climate change.

The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is hosting a symposium
"Protecting Canada's National Parks" that will focus on achieving ecological
integrity of the parks system.

Time:	7:30pm - immediately following the CPAWS Annual General Meeting (which
begins at 6:30pm).

Date:	Wednesday, September 20

Location:  National Arts Centre in Ottawa (Panorama Room, directly above the
box office).

Admission:  Free

The symposium will be chaired by CPAWS Vice-President Harvey Locke, and will
include presentations from:

•Pamela Wright, Vice-Chair of the Panel on the Ecological Integrity of
Canada's National Parks

•Clifford Lincoln, MP, Chair of the House of Commons Canadian Heritage
Committee, which recently examined the amendments to the National Parks Act

•  Nik Lopoukhine, Executive Director of the Ecological Integrity Branch of
Parks Canada

In March 2000, Sheila Copps, the federal Minister responsible for national
parks promised to make "ecological integrity  the centrepiece of every
decision we make for the future of Canada's national parks."  The symposium
will tackle how that pledge is being implemented.

Everyone is welcome to attend both the AGM and the symposium.

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