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Sept.20 @ ByTowne: "Flame"

Please forward. Thank you! (Apologies for cross-posting.)

Coming Soon at the ByTowne Cinema on Wednesday, September 20th:

"Flame" - Zimbabwe/France/Namibia; dir. Ingrid Sinclair, 1996

"Flame is perhaps the most controversial film ever made in Africa..."

"Flame" tells the story of two close friends whose involvement in the
liberation war leads to very different outcomes. Its depiction of ongoing
divisions within Zimbabwean society, and its suggestion that many of those
who fought hardest for freedom - for instance, women and peasants - have
been neglected in the post-revolutionary period may have contributed to
Flame's controversial reception.

"Flame is a bold, powerful, and deeply moving portrayal of the courage and
complexity of Zimbabwean women freedom fighters.  It depicts the real-life
relationships among those engaged in national liberation struggles and of
the challenge of sustaining those relationships in times of peace.  This is
a very impressive work." - Angela Davis

Tickets for Flame at the ByTowne are now available for $7. ByTowne Cinema:
325 Rideau St.

All proceeds go to World Inter-Action Mondiale (WIAM), a local non-profit
global education group that seeks to build awareness of the links between
communities around the world and promotes local action on global issues.

For more information on WIAM and our upcoming ONE WORLD FILM FESTIVAL
(Oct.17, 20, 24 & 27) at the Ottawa Public Library, please contact:

Tel: 613-238-4659
Email: wia@web.net
Website: http://www.web.net/~wia

Mini Alakkatusery
201 Breezehill Avenue N.
Ottawa, Ontario  K1Y 2J1
Tel.: 613.729.1604

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