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clearcutting in La Verendrye Park

Help Stop Clearcutting

The newly formed group Madzewin (“life in its fullest”) has been
checkpoints since August 14 to prevent clearcutting in Parc La Verendrye.
 has been clearcutting areas of the Park, and intends to clearcut all of
the Park over 25 years. Madzewin members need support through funds,
assistance with
 communications, or by coming up to Kokomville. They are also arranging
clearcut tours. Contact Tom O’Jaick at 727-9733 or Derek James at
236-5750 or 787-9533 (pager); 
email: madzewin@hotmail.com 

Madzewin is planning a vigil and rally in Ottawa for the end of September
beginning of October. Look for notices, or contact them for more information.

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