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Tuesday, 26 September 2000 - Build a reserve for the Lubicons on Parliament Hill!

++please circulate widely!++

Four Weeks from Today: Build a reserve for the Lubicons on Parliament Hill!

Tuesday, 26 September 2000
>10:30 Construction begins
>11:00 Reserve is opened with a formal programme

Dear friends!

Over 60 years ago, the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation of northern Alberta was
promised a reserve. They're still waiting. Ten years ago, the United Nations
Human Rights Committee ruled against Canada for its treatment of the
Lubicons. They're still waiting for Canada to comply.

The oil companies and Alberta didn't wait. Although the Lubicons have not
signed a land rights agreement, the oil industry flooded into the area in
the late 1970's, driving out much of the wildlife and devastating the
Lubicons' largely self-sufficient hunting and trapping economy. While the
oil companies have made off with over $10 billion from Lubicon territory,
the Lubicons live in substandard housing with no running water or other
public amenities.

Like many other First Nations in Canada, the Lubicons want to negotiate a
land rights agreement which will give them reserve lands and the basis for
economic development. They want a future! With oil flowing and the prospect
of other resources from Lubicon lands, the governments have little reason to
settle. Lubicon history shows that progress is only made when the
governments come under public pressure.

Sixty years is too long! On Tuesday, 26 September 2000, we are heading down
to Parliament Hill to demonstrate to our government how it's done. Come out
and help build a reserve for the Lubicons on Parliament Hill on Tuesday, 26
September 2000. Bring your construction hats!

Construction will begin at 10:30 am and the reserve will be opened with a
formal programme at 11:00 am. Hope to see you on the 26th!

For more information or to help organise:

Ottawa-Hull, tel 819 777 3058; mfoster@web.ca (until 4 Sept), ols@web.ca
(after 4 Sept)
Montreal, tel 514 272 5012; crnv@cam.org or jeanguyaube@aol.com
Toronto, tel 416 416-763-7500; fol@tao.ca

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