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Jello Biafra: SOCIAL & POLITICAL SPOKEN WORD this Saturday at National Gallery

Jello Biafra (yes, that's his name) will give a:


at the National Gallery of Canada
Saturday, September 2, at 8 p.m.
Admission = $12

It's part of the Gallery's "AlternaFest"

Jello Biafra is an amazing speaker!  

In the 1980s he was lead singer in the politically radical punk band "The
Dead Kennedys."  
He recently ran for the leadership of the Green Party USA but lost to Ralph

Here's an excerpt from a classic Jello rant (printed in today's Ottawa
Citizen, page A17):

"We still need government to transfer the wealth from those who have too
much to those who have too little, to make sure important projects get
done, and keep territorial humans from screwing over and killing each other.

So guess what?  I'm Tough on Crime, especially when the punishment fits the

Sentence slum lords to live in their own buildings.

Sentence polluters to inhale and live in the mess they've made until they
clean it up.

Sentence savings and loan sharks and white-collar gangstas from our recent
bank deregulation to pay back all the money they steal, just like if they'd
held up a 7-11.

Sentence arms dealers and manufacturers to pay for re-building all the
places they destroyed by the wars they helped start.

End police brutality.  make police officers stand for election every four
years, voted on by the districts they patrol.

Lower the voting age to five.  See youth apathy magically turn around when
they know they have a real stake in their future; and get to vote for their
school boards, and why not their teachers?"

For more information call the National Gallery at 990-1980

                   Richard Sanders 
Coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT)
  541 McLeod St., Ottawa Ontario Canada  K1R 5R2

      Tel.:  613-231-3076    Fax: 613-231-2614
                 Email: ad207@ncf.ca
              Web site: www.ncf.ca/coat

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