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Women's Bike Repair Course

The re-Cycles Bicycle Co-op is pleased to announce the launch of ongoing
courses in bike repair and maintenance for women only.

The 6-week courses will begin on October 7 and will provide detailed and
hands-on instruction in all aspects of repair and is designed with the
beginner in mind. Weekly classes (2pm-5pm, Saturday) will include the
following topics:

- repairing flats
- adjusting hubs
- truing wheels
- rear and front derailleur adjustments
- rebuilding bottom brackets
- servicing headsets
- maintenance and fit

Class size: 6 persons

Language of instruction: English

Location: 112 Nelson St. (1/2 block north of Rideau); all are welcome,
but our building is not wheelchair accessible

Cost: $50 (cash or cheque only)

Registration: by e-mail to ldeane@sympatico.ca, or call 562-9685

The re-Cycles Bicycle Co-op is a non-profit, volunteer organization
dedicated to supporting and promoting the use of bicycles as
transportation in the Ottawa area. For more information visit http://www.flora.org/re-cycles/
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