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Ottawa War Show being promoted in Ottawa-Carleton Schools!

How the War Show is being Promoted in Ottawa-Carleton Schools

The "National Capital Air Show" (NCAS) (a.k.a. the Ottawa war show) has
just promoted itself through a mailing by the Ottawa-Carleton Assembly of
School Councils (OCASC).  This group has parent representatives from ALL
Ottawa-Carleton District School Board schools, both elementary and
secondary.  Recipients of the mailing included ALL of the School Council
Chairpersons in Ottawa-Carleton.

OCASC was mailing an agenda package for their next meeting, on September
21.  Included in that OCASC mailing was a document called “School Council
Fundraising Opportunity” which encourages the distribution of air show
tickets via school staff and parents.  The attraction of selling these
tickets is that school councils can retain 10% of the ticket price
collected.  The name attached to the information sheets is, “John D.
Issenman, NCAS Chairman – Authorized School Council Representative.”  The
OCASC mailing also included other related forms and documents for the war
show fundraising opportunity, such as: a "Letter of Agreement," a "Notice
to Families" and a "Ticket Sales Control Shhet."  

It is disconcerting that our education system is involved in promoting this
war show, especially during this year which the UN International Year for a
Culure of Peace.  It is also very disappointing that this promotion was
done through such backdoor tactics.  OCASC did not discuss this fundraising
strategy before presenting it in their information package.  The next OCASC
meeting is on September 21st after the show, so there will be no
opportunity to have this fundraising opportunity negated this year!  It is
important that we try to make sure that this does not ever happen again!  

Can you imagine a similar promotional effort for our Festival of Peace?  It
would probably be considered too "controversial" and "political."
Meanwhile, a spectacle that uses the most destructive weapons delivery
systems ever made, including nuclear weapons bombers, as sources of
entertainment for children and youth is seen as a marvelous fundraising
opportunity.  This is simply mindboggling!

Please contact the following OCASC representatives to make clear your
objections to their participation in the promotion of the Ottawa war show:
• Chair Cynthia Pohran 	Tel. 821-2016		Email <OCASC-Chair@ocdsb.edu.on.ca>
• Vice-Chair is Betty Tait 	Tel. 722-2589     	Email: <Btait48919@aol.com>

As members of the public who have schools in your communities, your voices
should be heard.  If you are a teacher or have children attending local
schools, then you have even more reason to express your concern with this
promotion of militarism which romanticises and glorifies some of the
world's most advanced war technology.

Encourage OCASC to stop any further use of its mailings to promote the
Ottawa war show.  Instead, they should use their channels of communication
to help....

Celebrate peace, life, creativity and the environment at a ...

               F E S T I V A L 
		  O F  P E A C E

Where and when:
Saturday, September 16,  11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

At Uplands Dr. and Breadner Blvd.
1.2 km south of Hunt Club Rd, 
Outside the gates of the Ottawa "air show"

Getting there:
OC Buses: 	#147 leaves South Keyes at 5 past the hour)

People attending by car may take the Airport Parkway to the Alert Road exit
and turn right onto Uplands Drive.  If stopped by police, just tell them
that you are attending the Peace Festival.  They have agreed to let our
folks through.  (The police will be closing the Airport Parkway to all
traffic EXCEPT emergency vehicles, people going to the airport and people
going to the Festival of Peace!)

Parking is available at the Festival of Peace, along the west side of
Uplands Dr. just south of Breadner Blvd.



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 FFFFF    EE      SS         TT      II    VV    VV    A  A      LL
 FF      EEEE      SSSSS     TT      II     VV  VV    AAAAAA     LL
 FF       EE           SS    TT      II      VVVV    AA    AA    LL
 FF        EEEEE   SSSSS     TT      II       VV    AA      AA   LLLLLLL 

                       PP    PP
 OOOO    FFFFFF        PP     PP   EEEEEE      AA        CCCCC    EEEEEE 
OO  OO   FF            PP    PP   EE          A  A      CC       EE  
OO  OO   FFFF          PPPPPP    EEEE        AAAAAA    CC       EEEEE   	
OO  0O   FF            PP         EE        AA    AA    CC       EE     
 0000    FF            PP          EEEEEE  AA      AA    CCCCC    EEEEEE 


                   Richard Sanders 
Coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT)
  541 McLeod St., Ottawa Ontario Canada  K1R 5R2

      Tel.:  613-231-3076    Fax: 613-231-2614
                 Email: ad207@ncf.ca
              Web site: www.ncf.ca/coat

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