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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Tuesday Sept. 19 - Working for truth and justice in Guatemala

Christian Fournier, of Project Accompaniment Quebec, has just returned
from working in Guatemala as an international human rights observer of
exhumations of massacres committed during Guatemala's brutal civil war.
He also accompanied communities bringing charges of genocide against
former dictator Lucas Garcia. Many Guatemalans involved in bringing
these and similar cases to court  witnesses, families of those killed,
community leaders, forensic archaeologists  have been subjected to
threats, intimidation, kidnapping, torture and murder. International
observers like Christian are the eyes of the world in Guatemala to help
insure the truth is told and the guilty are brought to justice.

Christian will show a video on the exhumations and speak about his
experiences on Tuesday, September 19th at 7:00 pm at the Quaker House,
91A Fourth Avenue (just east of Bank in the Glebe).

This presentation is sponsored by the Guatemalan Solidarity Committee of
Ottawa (GUASCO). GUASCO and Project Accompaniment Quebec are part of an
international effort to recruit and train volunteers as human rights
observers to work in Guatemala.

For more information call 567-1465.

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