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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Come to Kingston Sept.26 - Street Party Invitation

Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 10:24:11 -0400
From: Matt Silburn <msilburn@kingston.net>

You're invited!

**  On September 26, Kingston will hold a Street Party **

Celebrate how a community can be !  -  a festival of a city in which 
people come first. Organizers  invite all to share in the free music,  
free food and activities. People are encouraged to bring something 
to contribute to a visionary city of the very near future.

We hope the free day-care and food will let  parents mingle with others
while their children play with neighbours and new friends. 
University and college students can converse and learn from lifetime 
Kingston residents. Car-pooling, free books and collaborative artwork 
illustrate a few of the street party ideals:  co-operation, sharing and 
community. Join us as we transform a small bit of  Kingston into a space 
where people matter and our individual struggles, talents and ideas blossom. 

Things get started at 
     - 4 pm, Tuesday Sept. 26 
     - Boucher Park, on Clarence Street (between King and Wellington). 

It's a perfect time for  people to wander down after work and 
celebrate the fun in community outside of the daily grind.

The party coincides with demonstrations against the World Bank 
and IMF in Prague, Czech Republic on the same day. These institutions 
have  enforced Harris-style cuts at huge numbers around the world, 
dividing communities and devastating environments. They were the 
target of anti-globalization activists in Washington DC this April. 
Kingston's celebration will be a passionate demonstration that people 
know how a community can be organized to meet everyone's needs, not the
needs of just a few. At the same time, we'll be having a whole lot of fun.

We encourage you and the organization where you work  to bring 
something that you would like to see in Kingston. If you need  
inspiration here are some suggestions.

* Additional food.
* Gardening tools to start a community garden - plant perennial 
     flower bulbs and garlic at this time of year.
*  Perform a piece of street theatre or prepare a colourful display.
* The folks you work with could show the need for housing by setting up 
     tents or building a tree house in one of the park's beautiful trees.
* Bring free stuff (we are trying to keep pamphlets to a minimum) 
     like books, condoms, or balloons.
* Help at the day-care. Bring games or arts and crafts.
* We do need infrastructure: Many tables, and a few chairs.

Please contact 531-3428 for more information or to help out.

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