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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Reminder: Book launch tonight!

The New Octopus Bookstore Inc. and
Canadian Friends of Burma

Invite you to join
Roger Moody
For the launch of his report

Grave Diggers: A report on Mining in Burma

  With its location along the fabled "Pacific Rim of Fire", there is 
tremendous mining potential in the Southeast Asian country of Burma 
(renamed the Union of Myanmar by the military regime).  Indeed, this 
potential is being tapped by Burma's military dictatorship, increasingly 
with the help of foreign investors.  The present report, by internationally 
renowned mining expert Roger Moody exposes the shocking state of mining in 
Burma, where mining regulations are lax and environmental standards 
absent.  No other report has been able to track systematically the 
situation of mining in Burma, since information is difficult to get out of 
this highly restrictive country.

Where:  The New Octopus Bookstore Inc.
                 116 Third. Ave

When:   Monday, September 18, 2000
                 7:30 PM

Please join us to celebrate this important new book.
Wine and cheese will be served!

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