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[OPIRG-EVENTS] reminder: book launch tonight!

The New Octopus Bookstore Inc. and
Black Rose Books

Invite you to join
Karim H. Karim
For the launch of his book

Islamic Peril: Media & Global Violence
"Islamic Peril explores the lack of historical & cultural understanding in 
the mass media as it studies coverage of conflicts involving Muslims in the 
Middle East, the Caucasus, the Balkans, and the West, and demonstrates the 
resilience of core European images of Muslims that have continued to recur 
in depictions of Islam for over a millennium."

Karim H. Karim, Ph.D. is an assistant professor at the School of Journalism 
and Communication, Carleton University.

Where:  The New Octopus Bookstore Inc.
                 116 Third. Ave

When:   Thursday, September 21, 2000
                 7:00 PM

Please join us to celebrate this important new book!
Wine, juice and cheese will be served!

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