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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Sun.Sep.24 - Get ready for Lubicon Reserve building

Come for an afternoon of fun and construction!

To make buildings, placards/pickets,trees,and anything else you can 
think of, we will meet at:
       *  Friends (Quaker) Meeting House
       *  91A Fourth Ave, just east of Bank - No. 1 and 7 buses.
       *  from 1:00 onwards

It's time to build the props for the Lubicon action on
     Parliament Hill, Tues. Sept.26, starting 10:30 am,
programme at 11:00 - We will build a Reserve for the Lubicons!

If you can, bring any of -
    - markers (waterproof)
    - bristol board
    - *large* cardboard boxes 
    - clear parcel tape; utility knife; glue gun
    - paintbrush for latex/water-based paint - incl. narrow brushes
    - leftover latex paint if you have it - espec. red, green, brown
    - ?? to make trees, especially portable trees or tree costumes

Tea/juice and snacks provided!

But in any case, bring yourself, bring a friend!
And even more important, come to Parliament Hill on Tuesday. 

More info:  <ols@web.ca>  or  729-0504  or  593-8346

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